What does all-inclusive mean for you?

When you pay up front for your all-inclusive summer holiday, what does that actually mean? Will you have to buy snacks? Is childcare included? These days the word all-inclusive means different things for different companies, here we explain what Club Med all-inclusive really means.

What is Included

Your meals and snacks all day long are included within the price of your holiday on a Club Med break. That includes authentic, regional dishes – so if you’re flying long-haul to holiday in Thailand, you’ll be able to eat both Thai and Western cuisine. Each resort has multiple restaurants, so you can choose different destinations to eat each night, and there will also be fun nights such as beach BBQs and even chocolate fountains for desserts — at no extra cost. Club Med also offers fine, speciality dining with table-service restaurants. Some Club Med resort menus have been designed by Michelin Star guest chefs — the quality of food is taken very seriously.

If you have any allergies or are following a special diet, Club Med chefs will be able to cater for your requirements – it’s worth flagging this up at the time of booking.

If you fancy a cup of coffee out of restaurant hours, or an aperitif before dinner, these are also included, and they’re branded products. Wine, beer and branded spirits are all included in the price of your holiday, including cocktails and the daily cocktail special prepared by highly trained bartenders. Soft drinks and juices are also included — children can order what they need — in the Club Med Marrakech resort there is even a smoothie bar for the super health-conscious and Club Med Bali has a special ‘kids bar’ where children can order their own mocktails.

What won't be included

Some childcare and items such as nappies, toiletries, first-aid kits and medical care, plus any clothing you’ve forgotten to bring won’t be included on your holiday. Spa treatments won’t be included, unless you have booked a specific package, and any spending outside the Club Med resort is also extra. So, if you book an excursion, that will be extra, and if you fancy a stroll to the local shop for an ice cream, you’ll need some spending money.

If all-inclusive sounds like the holiday for you, why not explore some of the destinations that Club Med offers.

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