How to get the best last-minute ski deals

Whether it’s the thrill of finding the deal or the excitement of an unexpected trip, there’s nothing better than bagging yourself a last-minute ski deal. Finding a good deal is often easier said than done though, so here are some tips on how to get the perfect last minute ski deal.

Avoid peak times

With weather playing such an important factor in any ski trip, picking the right time of year to go is always important.

The peak times of February half-term, December and New Year’s Eve can cost double as much as off-peak times. But when are these mystical off-piste times? Well, January is always a good time to look, as most people have gone back to work or school, plus the snow is guaranteed to be good.

The ends of March and April are also quieter and better value, with people assuming the warmer weather will make the snow melt. However, the snow is often fantastic in these months, and the added bonus of longer days and warmer weather actually makes the skiing even more enjoyable. If there are any issues with a lack of snow, most ski areas now have state of the art snow cannons, meaning that snow can be pretty much guaranteed. Club Med promises guests a snow guarantee condition with a reimbursement of 50% off the holiday cost if more than half the pistes are closed due to lack of snow.

Go all-inclusive

If you’ve never experienced an all-inclusive ski holiday before, there’s no better time than on a last-minute ski trip.

The biggest benefit of going all-inclusive is that after you’ve made your booking, you can relax in knowing that you probably won’t need to spend any more money during the trip.

A common misconception is that all-inclusive just means a hotel with food and drink included, but that’s just the top of the iceberg, with flights, transfers, ski lessons, lift passes, childcare, entertainment, activities and so much more also part of the package with Club Med.

All-inclusive holidays are ideal for all kinds of groups, with the included meals, open bar and ski passes being a big draw for passionate ski enthusiasts. Where they really shine, however, is when catering for families. There will be no arguments about where to eat, no issues about who looks after the younger children, no issues with equipment rental, and no lack of things to do for all ages.

By paying for everything upfront, you can manage how much you and your group will be spending over the course of the holiday. As well as saving money and time, all-inclusive ski holidays cut out the stress that usually comes with organising all the different aspects that make up a ski holiday.

Be open to somewhere new

When looking for a last-minute ski holiday, you’ll be pushed to find any good deals in the more popular, glamorous ski domains. But if you look at some of the lesser known locations, you’re likely to find some even greater priced ski resorts, while also getting to see a new alpine location that you might have never considered before.

The beautiful French town of Morzine is often looked at as an underrated ski area, with most people more likely to go to the more well-known resorts in the French Alps. These little towns are where you’re likely to pick up a great last-minute deal, but it requires a bit more research first.

Being completely open to totally new things is the key to getting the best last minute ski breaks. The trick is to use the unpredictable nature of the trip to your advantage, as you’ll be forced to visit a new skiing area, which will probably be just as good as many other more famous resorts. It’s also worth noting that the less expensive the deal is, the more likely it will be that the slopes will be quiet. A win-win!

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