Everyone can enjoy a family ski holiday where all of you are having a great time on the slopes together, zooming down mountains and slaloming through forests. But getting to this stage requires all of you to be competent skiiers. Starting early is always a good idea when it comes to learning any skill, but how young is too young when it comes to teaching kids to ski?

The basic rule is that if your child is able to walk steadily then they should be able to start learning the basics of skiing. Obviously every child develops at their own rate, but ski lessons can start from as early as 18 months old.

Of course, at this age, you can’t expect your child to be following you down a steep mountain at 60mph. But it is a young enough age to get used to snow, play on the flat slopes, start becoming familiar with the equipment involved and maybe even handle a little bit of slope.

Mountain experience

Taking your toddler skiing on a full blown holiday is a different matter and it’s sensible not to expect your child to get suited up for real mountain slopes until they’re a little bit older.

Many ski schools will start teaching children at the age of 3 and this is also the case at Club Med where all our resorts have skiing lessons for children. Our courses are an introduction to the sport, run by professional G.O.s, who will use their expertise and guidance to start your children on their journey to becoming kings and queens of the mountain.

Another advantage of our lessons is that they help improve your kids’ social skills by meeting other children while learning to ski and making new friends. You also get to spend some serious time on the slopes with the adults.

What's right for them

Every child is an individual. Some can struggle to follow instructions meaning ski lessons won’t be very effective. Likewise, if your kids really don't like the snow and the cold of outdoor mountain life then perhaps a ski holiday isn't quite right for them until they’re older. One easy way to make a decision is simply to ask them if they’d like to learn to ski. If they say “no” then why force the issue. It’s meant to be fun after all.

Taking all this into account, introducing children to skiing as early as possible is a good idea if you want to give them skills and thrills for life and ensure your future Alpine adventures are an experience the entire family can enjoy together.

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