If you’ve decided to see what the chalet experience is all about then what can you expect from your holiday? We've picked six things that you could, and should, do as you enjoy the comfort and luxury of your new home-from-home in the mountains. Let’s head for high altitude.

1. Feel the heat

A roaring fire is the quintessential chalet experience. Make sure yours is ready to go when you come back from a long day of ski-ing or hiking. The feeling of thawing out in front of crackling logs – wine glass and a good book in hand – is one of the main reasons why you’ve travelled so far up this mountain. Relax and enjoy a perfect mindful moment and make sure you have extra logs to keep the fire burning. It’s going to be a long, lovely evening…

2. The early morning start

As the sun rises over the mountains it’s time to embrace the wonders of your new scenery. As most chalets are ski-in, ski-out you can be on the slopes in no time at all throughout the day. You could be enjoying the joys of an early morning waft over virgin snow before most of the other ski-ers have even begun to think about breakfast. The stillness, crispness and feeling of majesty is something that will stay with you for a lifetime and makes setting the alarm clock well worth the effort.

3. Bubbles and bubbles

The famous hot tub. It might be a James-Bondesque cliche of chalet life but there's a reason for that - it’s just so much fun. The contrast between warm, soapy water and cold mountain air is a feeling like no other. If you have a hot tub available (and you’ll always be able to find one at Club Med resorts) then take a dip at least once during your break away. Even better, share the tub with friends and close family for an evening of fun, champagne and tall tales from your exploits on the slopes.

4. Hearty Mountain Food

Ever wondered why people who live in the mountains seem to always eat food such as cheese and hams? The answer’s simple – it’s perfect cuisine for the local environment. Try to be a little daring on your chalet holiday and give the local specialities a go. Savoyard cooking in particular just makes sense when you're surrounded by cold and snow and the sense of wellbeing you get at the end of the meal is another essential memory to take away from your holiday. Order seconds as you’ll be able to burn it off the next day anyway.

5. Escape from the everyday

There comes a point during your chalet break when you finally leave behind all the stress and nonsense from your life at home, As you appreciate your wooden surrounds, smell the alpine air and soak up the winter wonderland through the window, you realise your mindset has changed for the better. Your chalet is private, personal and it’s all yours. Holidays are all about escape and a chalet is the perfect place to refresh the mind and soul.

6. Hello World

What happens when you step outside your usual home? Maybe you see some traffic, a gravel driveway, or maybe hear a few chirping birds? When you first step outside your chalet on holiday, nature in all its majesty greets you with inspiring mountain peaks, clear skies, fields of white and enchanting trees dotted as far as the eye can see. There may even be a fairytale village further down the valley. Chalet experiences get you closer to nature and help you truly appreciate Mother Earth.

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