Teenagers on holiday can be tricky. They want to spend time with the family but they also want to spend time on their own. They might love lying on the beach but they also get bored quickly and want to do something adventurous. Happily, when it comes to Club Med holidays you can find the right combination that allows you to spend quality time together whilst giving them the freedom to enjoy their own adventures. Here’s ten great places to enjoy family holidays with teenagers, both in the sun and snow.

Learning together

Our Alpe d’Huez resort is a great place to take teenagers who can sign up for our Junior Club Med resort and learn how to ski and snowboard while making new friends. As they party and Instagram with their pals, you can enjoy the luxurious facilities such as the spa and pool. If your teenager isn’t too keen on the local cuisine then the area is particularly good for burgers and pizzas while you can enjoy the more refined food later.

At the crossroads

Our La Rosiere resort is based in a historic area of the Alps where France meets Italy. Of particular note is The Multi-Sports Programme for teen skiers who can choose between their favourite techniques including Mogul skiing and ski jumping. It’s a great chance for them to hang around with their own age group while you have your own snowy adventures. The swimming pool will also be a favourite spot if they prefer to enjoy some indoor fun.

Forest of fun

Les Arcs Panorama is one of our newest resorts and offers a brilliant array of activities for teenagers as well as some of the best ski-ing in France as you spend time together weaving in and out of pine trees. You can do your own thing while your kids learn to ski for themselves or join their fellow guests by the pool or spa. The rooms are large enough to give everyone some private space for themselves and, in the evening, you’ll enjoy a dining experience even a surly youngster won't be able to resist.

Room to breathe

The fourth largest ski-ing area in France offers endless possibilities to you and your teenagers. There’s a huge amount of mountain to explore together at our Grand Massif resort, or they can go off on their own to learn new skills by signing up to our special programme aimed at teenagers. Off-piste, they can learn to DJ or take on the big indoor climbing wall. Get together again in the evening for some gourmet food in the spectacular restaurant.

Back to nature

The Indian Ocean will melt anyone’s heart and our new Club Med Seychelles resort is at the centre of this beauty, being based in a Marine park on the island of Sainte Anne. Your teenagers will revel in their chance to be Robinson Crusoe for a week or so. There are many ways you can share in the joy of getting back to nature from trekking through the jungle to a sea trip on glass-bottomed kayaks. The underwater life will induce joy and wonder in family members of all ages. We’d also recommend burning off any excess energy with a climb to the top of the magnificent Morne Seychellois.

Caribbean charm

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda offers luxury tailored to your family. This luxury all-inclusive eco-resort in the Dominican Republic features four distinct boutique-villages, including the Explorer Cove designed specially for families. The older children even have their own cool area under a thatched shelter. Together you can explore the Caribbean by going on safari or by taking an e-bike tour. If they want to show off to their friends at home then photograph them on the swing at the top of Montaña Redonda where it seems like they’re hanging in space.

Hunt for treasure

Take your teenagers to the colourful island paradise of the Dominican Republic and our Punta Cana resort. It’s a truly beautiful place where the beaches are endless and the sea is warm and inviting. Everyone can take part in Time to Quest, our new style of treasure hunt. This uses the Club Med Play App as you follow in the footsteps of the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon in search of the fountain of youth. Thanks to Mini Club Med and Club Med Passworld, older children can also enjoy a raft of sport and creative activities.

You can in Cancún

If your teenagers love watersports and adventure then the sun-kissed Cancún resorts in Mexico will never leave them bored. Away from the stunning beaches is a city to be explored as well as day trips all the family will love including ancient stunning Mayan ruins. The local towns offer plazas that thrum to the sound of Mariachi bands and the air is filled with the irresistible smells of Mexican street food. The resort itself has everything you need to keep the family entertained.

Greek goodness

Book your break to our Greek island resort of Gregolimano which is perfect for families who love watersports and sporting activities. With four piers to choose from they're bound to find something that's right for them from wakeboarding to water-skiing. This spacious resort means you can take time away from each other before enjoying gourmet Greek cuisine together. You’ll relax, they’ll relax and everyone will have the time of their life.

Talking Turkey

Turkey has plenty to offer the family with older children. In the shadow of the Taurus mountains you can play on the beach or relax in the Palmiye Hotel resort itself. Your teenagers can sign up for Mini Club Med and Club Med Passworld to enjoy their own individual adventures that include learning to swing on the flying trapeze, snorkelling and windsurfing. You can sit back and relax with a drink in the adults-only Zen pool.

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