If you want to fully enjoy the magnificent ski resorts of Canada then you need to have the right clothing and equipment. ‘Wrap up warm’ is very general advice and we’ve listed some of the items you should be bringing with you on your holiday in order to stay safe, cosy and ready for anything that could happen on the slopes.

Go for quality

As a rule, it’s worth spending that little bit extra on ski gear to ensure it does the job properly. It might be tempting to look in the bargain bucket but the freezing temperatures and challenging runs you can encounter in Canada means that you can’t afford to cut corners. If necessary, spend a little extra to get as much enjoyment from your holiday as possible.

The basics

Gloves are an obvious starting place. Warm hands allow you to control your skis more effectively as well as attach your boards in the first place without numbed fingers interfering. Try to combine comfort with insulation and, if you’re worried about the expense, remember that your gloves will prove useful beyond your ski holiday, even for a trip to the shops during a British winter. Thermals also matter a great deal and the best thing about them is that you can use layers in order to find the right temperature to match your environment. Likewise, socks are an essential item - make sure they’re waterproof or suffer the discomfort of cold, wet feet all day.

Plan ahead

Looking ahead to the typical temperature of your Canadian resort is also a good guide to what you should be buying when it comes to your ski jacket and ski pants. If you’re planning a late season trip to one of the long winter resorts then it could be warmer than you imagine. However, if you’re heading for British Columbia in the dead of winter then go for thickness. Try everything on beforehand so you’re not constantly worried about tight fits or loose sleeves.

Sporting equipment

It might sound obvious but when you go ski-ing you’ll need skis. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to lug lots of equipment in your baggage and resorts such as Club Med in Québec have equipment hire as part of the all-inclusive price. Renting also means you're likely to get the equipment best suited to the local environment. Of course, if you’re a ski obsessive then you might feel more comfortable with your own tried and trusted gear. Amateurs should save the pennies though and go local.

Head gear

Don't forget your goggles. Canadian resorts such as Whistler and Blackcomb will offer you an abundance of sun rays as well as snow and you’ll need some glasses with excellent UV protection or risk damaging your eyes.

Your choice of helmet is also vital as it could well save your life. You can rent them at the resort but it’s worth the effort to find something that’s comfortable and fits perfectly so it doesn't fall off when you’re rushing headlong down a long pass. Try on a few in the shop and find the one that's right for you. Don't compromise when it comes to your health.

Evening wear

Après ski is one of the great pleasures of a break at a Canadian resort as you enjoy a beer or cocoa at the local inn. We won't tell you what to wear in terms of fashion but choose something that’s comfortable whilst remembering you could be sitting in front of a roaring fire. So make sure you have options for both outside wear and enjoying a drink with family or friends after a hard day on the slopes. Also, you might need an outfit for an outside swimming pool or luxury spa so take a look at what you want to do on your holiday and add something extra to your suitcase.

Finally, don't forget your camera as Canada is going to provide you with stunning views (give the 360 degree vistas at Panorama resort a go). Enjoy your trip and good luck with the packing. If you’d like to find out more about Club Med’s latest and first Canadian resort, take a look here.