The best restaurants, pubs, clubs and nightlife in Cancún

If you are looking to eat out, dance the night away or just enjoy a drink in Cancún, Mexico, then the range of choices is remarkable. Authentic cuisine, spectacular shows, atmospheric bars: the city has it all, as well as its world renowned white beaches. We take a look at just some of the gems you might uncover when heading for a night out, delicious lunch or cool cocktail in Cancún.

Places to eat in Cancún

La Habichuela

For over 45 years, La Habichuela has been considered one of the best places to eat in Cancún. It sets itself apart from the city's other restaurants with a fusion of Caribbean and Mayan food that delivers unique dishes and amazing flavours. You will be dining in an utterly charming Mayan-themed garden well worth a visit all by itself.

Your culinary journey will begin with the starter of pre-mixed ceviche or the famous Habichuela cream. Order the curried lobster for a main or one of the irresistible steaks and then enjoy something flambéed at your table as you fill up the last spaces in your stomach with dessert.

This is iconic dining on your visit to Cancún featuring fusion food you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. The service is warm and embracing and your biggest problem is never wanting to leave.


For another gourmet choice, go to dine at one of Cancún’s oldest and best restaurants - Lorenzillo's. This is tastebud tingling pleasure by the sea. The ambience is terrific, with the restaurant based on an outdoor deck extended out across the water. The smells of the Caribbean waft across the dining floor as the sun sets over the horizon.

The restaurant has its own lobster farm and these pampered crustaceans are the most famous dish on the menu - fresh, delicious and served with an array of sauces to suit your palate. The lobster comes in many forms including croquettes but there are plenty of other seafood dishes on offer. The oysters are particularly recommended. Service is attentive and friendly with waiters and waitresses dressed in classical white gloves and wine recommendations offered to all diners. If you want the ambience without the seafood then meat and pasta dishes are also available.

Parque de las Palapas

Mexican street food is synonymous with burritos and tacos. The country has produced some of the tastiest things you can hold in your hand and flavours that are copied the world over but never quite as good as the real thing. One of the places you must visit if you are hungry in Cancún is Parque de las Palapas where the very best street food is available all in one place.

Stall after stall of authentic, delicious snacks appear before you. As well as the hot classics, those with a sweet tooth will love the churros and homemade ice cream. There is fresh, delicious fruit if you really are looking after the waistline that day.

This walk in the park can lead to severe overeating as you fail to resist the temptation of yet another Mexican classic. Join the happy locals who come here to spend good times with their families, fill their stomachs and enjoy the live entertainment.

Places to drink in Cancún

666 Bikers Bar

We are all on holiday so let’s rock. The 666 bar provides you with a large slice of Americana where the music's always loud, the jukebox fully loaded, and you can live out your dreams of road trips and cold beers.

When you arrive downtown, the long row of bikes parked outside tells you that this place has the rock and roll authenticity you are looking for. Enjoy a few Mexican appetisers, pay only a few pesos for your beer and then soak up the vintage atmosphere. Locals love this place as well, so it is a great venue to make new Mexican friends as well as others who have travelled all over the world to enjoy the atmosphere.

It might not be the trendiest or most sophisticated place you can visit during your time in Cancún, but it certainly is one of the most fun. Think Dusk Until Dawn without the vampires.

Hunter Bar

Hammocks and a pool? We already know that you are going to like Hunter Bar from those two items alone. This is a place to truly chill amidst the heat of Cancún. The feeling is laid back as you are personally welcomed by the warm and enthusiastic staff. Many of the guests are backpacking around the world so expect some great stories as you share a drink or two. And the drinks selection itself is varied and inexpensive. Check out some of the cracking cocktails that will have you coming back for more.

Hang around and the party will soon get started as the host encourages everyone to enjoy the Mexican vibe. Make sure your beer pong game is at its best as the glasses empty and the laughter gets louder. Otherwise, we mentioned the pool and hammocks. Grab your spot, lie back and soak up a chilled drink as the sun warms every part of your body and your Mexican holiday embraces a welcome siesta.

Blue Gecko Cantina

You are in Mexico so you want to experience Mexico. The Blue Gecko Cantina is the perfect place to go with its mixture of great street food and local drinks. It is very small but that makes it even more wonderful. An open palapa roof and gaudy neon sign delivers authentic Mexico and encourages the crowds to share conversations as they order their next round.

Take your pick of the drinks from the frozen margaritas, to mojitos that make so much sense under the hot Mexican sun. Want to eat the largest taco of your life? Order from the menu for supersized food that is fresh and homemade. No gimmicks, just a wonderful, friendly, strictly-Cancún atmosphere with great service and the drinks you want to enjoy on holiday.

The best party in Cancún

Coco Bongo

If partying is your thing then no visit to Cancún can be called truly complete without experiencing Coco Bongo. Dubbed as the most popular disco in Mexico, it more than lives up to this billing with the spectacular show it puts on night after night. The production values are sky high as you revel in giant video streams, showers of confetti, waves of bubbles and more. Film themed shows include those based on The Mask and 300 as well as other performances showcasing the music of Queen and The Beatles.

You can book a table to enjoy the view before inevitably getting up to get down on the dance floor. This is an extraordinary night rightly lauded around the world and a true once in a lifetime experience that will make the clubs at home seem a little quiet and staid.

The City

Latin America is a big place and The City in Cancún is the biggest night club on the continent. This is a site of pilgrimage for those who love to dance to the world’s best DJs under the bewitching glare of an astonishing light show. If you get lucky there may be a visiting artist during the week you decide to party. Luminaries of The City include Snoop Dog, DJ Snake and Akon.

There are nine floors in this club including a mobile dancefloor, meaning you could be spending your evening with up to 4,000 other people. The sense of shared joy in dancing is unforgettable. Friday nights are the most famous but you will be thrilled whatever day you rock up to The City in your dancing shoes. Book ahead and spoil yourself with a VIP party table, then get ready to experience night life on a scale you have never felt before.

Señor Frogs

The delightfully named Señor Frogs is one of the most popular spots to party in Cancún. A restaurant by day, at night the tables are moved to one side and a venue for over 1,500 people appears as the glorious sun goes down. We would recommend getting there early for the food as you will need fuelling up for what lies ahead.

Try to avoid Señor Frogs during the US Spring Break as it is a magnet for students looking to let off steam. However, when the students are busy studying the Frog is a place where an endless run of celebrations take place from the famous foam parties to unforgettable glow evenings.

If you like to sing then choose Karaoke night to stretch your vocal chords and maybe even win a prize. If you want to take a break from the dancing, then it will be hard to resist the large slide that takes you all the way down to Laguna Nichupté. This is a fun night out with capital ‘F’.

Other ways to enjoy Cancún nightlife

Of course not everyone wants to go to a disco or pub in the evening when they visit Cancún. For those staying at the Club Med Cancún resort we will put on entertainment every evening that will offer everything you could want from a warm evening in paradise. Our all-inclusive restaurants serve up wonderful examples of Mexican cuisine.

There are plenty of other excellent options. Maybe book a local boat cruise and watch the sun go down over a deck somethere? There could well be a music festival going on that you could enjoy or a football match to experience. The Day of the Dead is rightly famous around the world with its colour, festivities and ghoulish fun celebrated in Cancún just like the rest of the country. Or why not simply go for a stroll? Soak up the ambience of this amazing city then get some early shuteye to enjoy a brand new adventure amongst long beaches, cenotes and Mayan ruins tomorrow.