What to do in Cancún?

Planning a trip to Cancún in Mexico? You will find a city buzzing with energy, excitement and a cornucopia of things to do for every type of traveller. Whether you want to visit the ruins, taste the local Mexican cuisine or keep the kids enthralled, your options are endless. We look at just some of the exciting activities available when you go on a holiday of a lifetime to this unique and unforgettable Mexican city.

Things to do for music lovers

Cancún is alive with the rhythms of the Caribbean as well as the famous Mariachi sounds that, for many, is the sound of Mexico. There are plenty of venues in the city where you can watch live music and take part in the dancing.

The Grand Mambo Cafe in Plaza Hong Kong is renowned for its talented bands performing almost every night. It is also the best place to explore Caribbean dances such as Merengue and Salsa, so bring your happy feet. Near your Club Med Cancún resort you will find The Congo where the lively music leads to a - you guessed it - long Conga line of customers heading out into the streets every night. November sees the arrival of the Cancún Jazz Festival. Throughout the city you will enjoy some of the best jazz around from smoky tones to cutting edge improv featuring some of the world’s leading artists.

If you want a slice of authentic Mariachi then maybe the best thing to do is simply wander the streets as roving bands can be playing anywhere at any time. For more guaranteed Mariachi music head downtown to La Parrilla, close to the Musician’s Quarter where delicious food is accompanied by players at the top of their game. They may even take requests!

Things to do for couples

If you and your partner are looking for a romantic getaway and a memorable activity to share, then we would highly recommend seeking out one of the amazing cenotes that can be found in the Cancún region. These naturally formed clear water pools are an oasis of calm and beauty. Many can be quite deep as well and offer you both the chance to explore an underwater kingdom together. Of the many to choose from, the most romantic is probably Cenote Jardín del Edén - named after the biblical paradise. It takes an hour to get there from Cancún but you will be greeted by a hidden jungle treasure trove full of colour, warmth, greenery and a pool you will not be able to resist.

Other couples may want to to make things simpler by heading down to one of the glorious beaches to watch the sun go down. This free gift from nature will take your breath away and there are many spots worth visiting to experience something slightly different but utterly heart melting every night. Even better, choose a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood at a table overlooking the water. It could be the most romantic meal of both your lives.

Things to do with kids

As a major family holiday destination, Cancún is set up to entertain families with both small children and more grown up teenagers. The beaches in Mexico are kid friendly and are exciting and glorious enough to keep everyone interested for however long you decide to spend in Mexico. For a more human-made form of entertainment, Cancún has a number of parks where you can enjoy fun on water slides and other aqua attractions. Ventura Park is the largest and also includes other exciting things for kids such as zip lines and rollercoasters. Al Ritmo is smaller but equally as fun.

Do your little ones love animals? Then why not head to Isla Mujeres, a short boat ride away from your Club Med resort. Not only are the watersports and beaches truly magnificent, but there is an amazing Turtle Farm where the kids can get up close to these delightful creatures. Hire a golf cart to traverse this small but perfectly formed little island. In the evening, book them in for an pirate cruise where you can enjoy a meal on an authentic galleon whilst living out some swashbuckling adventures.

Things to do alone

Cancún is a great place for solo travellers. Yes, there is no reason why you shouldn't spend your entire break on the beach with a good book, but there is so much to explore in and around the city that you will be planning something interesting every day. Whether it is checking out the street food or exploring the amazing architecture, this is a great city to wander alone and take in the sights, smells and sounds.

Join a scuba diving tour to find the best spots - the underwater Museum of Art is a brilliant place to visit. Enjoy the cenotes as you want to enjoy them. Swim all day or laze by the side. Sign up for a Club Med visit to the world famous Mayan ruins close by at Chichen Itzá. Hire a car or travel as part of the group and enjoy the freedom to truly explore these once-in-a-lifetime attractions

There is never any need to feel alone in Cancún and, indeed, you may be the object of envious eyes, as you have the independence to do exactly what you want to do in a city that’s packed with interest.

Things to do for history lovers

Cancún is a place for time travel. As well as the historical interest of the city itself, full of amazing stories, there is the Mayan culture that still makes its mark on the land. Chichen Itzá is the obvious trip to take if you want to see the classical pyramids and mysterious stoneworks of this ancient culture. It is one well trodden tourist site that genuinely lives up to the hype.

However, there are plenty more choices. The El Rey ruins are an abandoned city in an old Cancún fishing village. The site is tiny but gives a real sense of place and time, seemingly frozen in aspic since being abandoned in the 1500s. Tulum offers the best preserved relics in the area and also the widest choice of souvenirs to take home. If you want the biggest pyramid then Cobo is the place to visit. You will want to climb to the top of the pyramid where you will be surrounded by scurrying lizards and adventurous vines. For an overview of the entire history of the region, and to see some of the amazing artefacts that have been discovered over the years, don't forget to visit the The Mayan Museum of Cancún.

Want something a little different from the ruins? How about the Museum of Tequila. Learn about how this fiery treat is made, its origins and of course a little tasting at the end of your tour. History comes in a glass as well as at the top of a pyramid.

Things to do for shoppers

Shopping on holiday is hugely enjoyable for many. Explore the markets and get under the skin of another culture, with its authentic street life. Maybe do a little haggling for the ideal souvenir. Cancún is abundant in excellent retail experiences from the high-end to the truly small and unique.

If markets are your thing then Mercado 23 is a place to see and taste the local produce in all its finest glory. Find the perfect mole or soak up the smell of the latest catch from the sea. Try perfectly ripened fruit and take time out for a local tortilla that tastes how Mexican food should. This is a great place to pick up the item that will stay on the mantelpiece for years to come.

If you are looking for something slightly more expensive then your Club Med resort is already perfectly positioned. A quick walk to the shops such as Plaza Las Americas and Plaza Kukulkan can lead you to a world of refined handbags and famous brand clothes. The choice is yours - it’s great to take home a new look after your break to go with a healthy looking tan.

Things to do underwater

It is hardly worth stating that Cancún is a place for those who love exploring under the water. It claims to be one of the premier snorkelling spots in the world with countless options available amidst clear, amazing sea, stunning coral and a variety of remarkable creatures.

Make sure one of your dives takes place in the Underwater Museum. Located a short boat ride away at Isla Mujeres, almost 500 sculptures have been submerged into the sea bed to provide visitors with an experience that mixes art and adventure. It also functions as a habitat for marine life so it is environmentally conscious as well. If you don't want to get into the water then glass bottom boat tours make the site accessible to all and can offer a great experience for families as well as the committed snorkeler.

Swimming with dolphins is a lifeline dream for many and Cancún is a place where this dream can come true. Delphinus Punta Cancún allows you to take to the water and have a one-to-one experience with these friendly, fascinating creatures. Magical memories are created as you swim and play together without the risks that can come from disturbing creatures in the wild. You will also learn a little more about dolphins and their habitat from your guides before you take your swim.

Things to do for gourmets

Finally, Mexican food is rightly famous around the world and Cancún is the place to try out the best it has to offer as well as the flavours and favourites of the locals. On site at Club Med, we will treat you to the local specialties but travel further and explore the rich array of small traders serving up world class treats. El Parque Las Palapas doesn't just provide a superb walk but access to some of the best street food vendors in the city. Find out how burritos really should taste.

For more formal dining you also have a great choice of restaurants available with the city attracting some of the best chefs in the world, adding their contributions to the buzzing food scene. If you want to taste some of the best lobster in your life then Lorenzillo is rightly famous for its fresh and delicious dishes. We prefer it dripping with butter. Want to know what the best Mexican chefs do with Mediterranean food such as pasta? Try Fantino for award winning flavours set in the magnificent Grand Hotel.

In short, the dining scene in Cancún is as varied and world class as many of the other activities on offer. This is a destination that has something for everyone, whatever they want to do on holiday.