The Seychelles should be at the top of your destination list when it comes to a holiday in the sun. But it would be very easy to go there and spend all your time relaxing on one of its stunning beaches when there’s so much else to see and do. Feel free to hit the lounger if you like, but here’s an alternative itinerary for a week in this Paradise by the Indian Ocean at Club Med Seychelles.


You’ve arrived. Time to unpack, check in and explore your new surroundings. We can leave the day trips until later. Instead, recover from your journey by indulging in the best our resort has to offer. Lie back and enjoy the infinity pool, book in a massage, get your muscles moving with a game of tennis then find your perfect spot on the local beach. In the evening, try out the local cuisine at our Main Restaurant before enjoying a few glasses of the local dark rum as you watch the sun go down over the sea at our enchanting beach lounge.


Head for Mahe island and the Seychelles capital of Victoria. Don’t expect anything the size of London or Paris – this is the smallest capital in the world after all. Instead you’ll find a bustling little town with an amazing market selling fresh food as well as holiday essentials and souvenirs (it’s okay to buy them at the start of the week). Take a look at the charming clock tower created in memory of Queen Victoria then spend the afternoon hiking around Morne Seychelles National Park for your first close encounters with the colourful, exotic plants and wildlife the Seychelles offers in abundance.


Today we’re heading for Curieuse, the second largest island. Here you’ll be greeted by the famous red soil that gives the land a Martian like landscape meaning your camera will be working overtime. But it’s not all barren Earth and you’ll also find plenty of greenery and a walking trail through dense and magnificent mangrove forests. Curieuse is an ex-leper colony and make sure you visit the The Doctor’s House for a brilliant example of Creole colonial architecture. Then go to the beach where you might see baby turtles heading for the sea during breeding season.


Let’s go snorkelling today. Across all of its 115 islands, the Seychelles offers amazing underwater sights in the clear and dreamy Indian ocean. The water around La Digue Island is a particularly popular spot, but wherever you go you’ll encounter a cavalcade of exotic sea life. If you missed the turtles yesterday then you could have an meet-up with one of these much loved creatures. Otherwise, you could have Moray eels, rays, barracudas and sharks to keep you company. Swim in and out of the giant black granite boulders for the best experience in this warm, inviting dreamscape.


We’re spending another day in beautiful nature. The Island of Praslin is home to Vallée de Mai, a genuine Garden of Eden where you wouldn't be surprised to see unicorns or dinosaurs appearing around the corner. In reality, this primeval palm forest is full of mysterious plants and rare creatures such as the black parrot. You’ll also see the legendary Coco de Mer tree that produces the world’s largest seeds. Collect one of these valuable offerings and you could enjoy the magical properties they’re meant to offer. It takes two hours to hike through this UNESCO World Heritage rainforest and it could be the best walk in the woods you’ve ever taken.


Okay, let’s explore nature closer to home today. Club Med is based on the same island as the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park. That means you can easily reach the oldest marine reserve in the Seychelles. Accessible only by the sea, Sainte-Anne Marine Park provides a unique concentration of underwater ecosystems. It protects coral gardens and one of the largest areas of seagrass meadows in the Seychelles. Essentially, it’s the best of the local sea-life all in one place. Put on your wetsuit and explore an underwater aquarium showcasing hundreds of different species and reefs that light up your life with their vivid colours.


It’s your final full day so relax again at the amazing new Club Med Resort. Enjoy sports, well-being and the magnificent private beach. Have one last meal in the restaurant and make sure all your souvenirs are packed properly. Then start planning for next year when your promise to return to the amazing Seychelles. Have a good trip home!

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