When Should You Go to The Seychelles?

The Seychelles is a stunning tropical holiday destination that offers amazing Summer and Winter Sun getaways. With it’s tropical climate you should expect year-round high temperatures and a distinct rainy and dry season. The best times to visit Seychelles being April, May, October and November, but depending on what you plan to do, some months are better than others


Ideal for watersports, music lovers and hikers

Autumn includes some of the most ideal months to visit the Seychelles, in October & November offering calmer drier conditions ideal for diving and snorkelling. For those that like underwater adventures visibility is good during November but it is at its best in October, meaning that for those wanting to enjoy some diving or snorkelling this is one of the best months to visit. If you are looking to explore the local culture, then the Festival Kreol is for you! Taking place at the end of October, this is one of the biggest events in the Seychelles occurring over 6 days and giving insights into the culture and history of the island through art, music, food and theatre to name a few. It is not to be missed.

A popular place to visit in the Seychelles is Praslin Island. Known for Vallée de Mai, a prehistoric forest that offers an exhilarating sensory experience, and for its beautiful beaches. There is even a 18 hole golf course where you can play while enjoying the stunning views. As you can only reach the island by boat or ferry, November is one of the best months to visit it because the sea is a lot calmer so the boat journey will be smoother.


Ideal for day trippers, surfers and turtle lovers

Even though Winter brings more rain to the Seychelles, December to February are still great months to visit due to warm temperatures and it being turtle hatching season. January is the wettest month experienced by this archipelago, however, the rain comes in short tropical downpours and the temperature throughout this season maintains an average of 30°c, which means that you can still enjoy the typical conditions associated with an amazing holiday in the sun.

One of the main benefits of visiting during Winter is that the windy conditions make it perfect for watersports such as kitesurfing. This is also the best period to witness turtles hatching on the beaches as they make their journey from their nests to the sea. The Seychelles are made up of a variety of beautiful islands so it is understandable that you would want to explore them all. Our Club Med Seychelles resort is a short boat ride from the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, where you can admire the fascinating coral gardens and wide variety of fish, as well as 75 species of flora. If you’re interested in exploring the coral then the best time to visit is December to February.


Ideal for honeymooners, snorkelers and festival goers

For those looking for high temperatures without the rain, the spring months are a great time to visit as the monsoon season ends in March which means that you may still see some short showers but the temperature remains high at 31°c. April is the hottest month with average temperatures of 32°c and with 12 hours of sunshine a day, meaning it has the perfect weather for those wanting to escape the cooler British spring time.

The Seychelles is well known for it exotic sea life such as rare hawksbill sea turtles, manta rays and whale sharks, making it a perfect location for scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. Underwater visibility is very high during April and May making it great for underwater adventures, also the sea is calmer during these months meaning that boats are able to reach more remote spots. For a more cultural experience you can attend the International Carnival of Victoria this often takes place in April. Festivities take place over three days and include colourful floats, parades and dancing on Mahé Island! When staying at Club Med Seychelles you can book a half day excursion to Victoria where you can catch a glimpse of this exciting event.


Ideal for sunbathers, shoppers and island hoppers

For those seeking a slightly cooler climate, the months of July and August are ideal with average temperatures below 30°c and the sea temperature dipping to 23°c. It is best to avoid the beaches on the southern coasts of Mahé and Praslin Island from May to October because the seasonal winds wash seaweed onto the shore, so why not visit Petit Anse on the West coast of Mahé and Anse Lazio in Praslin Island during this time, both of these beaches are ranked in the top 10 beaches in the Seychelles.

One advantage of visiting in June is that each year on the 29th, the Seychelles celebrate their Independence Day with flag-waving, dancing and singing during the day. Then impressive fireworks displays in the evening, meaning that an incredible atmosphere is guaranteed. With temperatures only reaching the high 20s, enjoying these festivities, as well as venturing out on our Club Med excursions will be more bearable. If you’re heading to the Seychelles to get a beautiful tan or just in search of some sun then these cooler months will make sunbathing more comfortable, plus there will be plenty of sunshine with an average of 11 hours a day.

All Year Round

In general, the Seychelles offer the perfect holiday experience all year round, with The sea temperature remains above 25°c throughout the year meaning that conditions are ideal for other watersports such as kayaking and sailing, and simply for swimming. Some of our excursions are limited to certain months so it is worth seeing if there are any you are interested in before booking your visit. However, there are a wide variety of activities offered all year round so there will always be something for you to enjoy!

Weather in the Seychelles - A Deep Dive

We have put together this quick and simple guide to what you could do in each month of the year in the Seychelles. However, everything is possible every month so choose your passion and just go for it when it suits you.


Average temperature °C

Recommended activity



Winter sunbathing



Turtle watching









Cocktail on the beach



Island hopping


Average temperature °C

Recommended activity



Visit Victoria









Kreol Festival



Praslin walking



Play golf

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