If you want to avoid a long-haul flight this year then Europe offers everything a family could want for the perfect holiday. From beach to mountain, Club Med has a range of options that offer something different but always provide beauty, style and sheer luxury for everyone in your party. Here are six suggestions for your next European break.

Perfect Portugal

For many the Algarve means great golf. However, for families it means sun, sea and plenty to do that will appeal to all ages. The Club Med Da Balaia resort in Portugal combines beauty with fun. You can spend your days playing tennis, soaking up rays or you can choose to explore local towns with fascinating histories. While you swing the clubs at a major golf course your kids can be doing the same with our mini-golf lessons. For a shared day of adventure we’d highly recommend the two-seater buggies that allow you to discover the region off the beaten track. Afterwards share an amazing meal while staring out at the glorious sea.

La Vie Belle

Enjoy the best that France has to offer at our La Palmyre resort nestled by the Atlantic Ocean. At this recently renovated resort, you can head to the beach or inland to explore a large forest and a region famed for its pretty villages, vintage wines and food that you simply can’t get anywhere else. There’s lots and lots for the kids to do in a resort that blends beautifully with the landscape and caters specifically for the needs of a family that enjoys time together but also needs the occasional moments apart. Adults and children will return home demanding another trip next year.

Island life

For good food, sun and friendly locals, Greece is hard to beat. Our Club Med Gregolimano is based on the charming island of Evia with its own secluded beach where you can tan and chill. This is a great holiday for families that like to get wet, hop on boards and splash around under a beating sun. The kids can take part in exciting activities such as the Flying Trapeze School while you find your spot on the beach or swing in a hammock in a deliciously scented forest. For full rejuvenation of the body and soul it’s somewhere you should book right now.

Mountains and sea

Turkey does everything brilliantly: great food, superb weather and a berth by the Mediterranean Sea that means you’re never too far away from your next marine adventure. Our Palmiye Hotel resort offers all this and more. If it’s possible to ever get bored of staring at the beautiful waves then turn your head around and gaze at the magnificent Taurus mountains and maybe plan a 4x4 adventure there with the rest of the family. Boat trips, ancient ruins and pools that demand to be dive bombed are just a few of the other activities that will keep everyone occupied in between sessions on the sun lounger.

Mountains in the sun

The slopes aren't just for winter and a summer break in the Alps is a great way for a family to enjoy the sun and fun together. Our Alpe d’Huez resort is a breathtaking place rich in amazing natural wonders. Families can bond together on treks through forests or race each other up and down paths on mountain bikes. Pack a picnic for a day trip with stunning views or explore the local food and culture together. The regional cuisine in the Dauphiné region can be enjoyed by all ages.

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