Who says you have to go far flung for a week or two in the sun? With amazing European destinations close by, you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to discover beautiful unspoilt views. There’s much to be said for appreciating what’s on your doorstep, so let’s take some time to consider the gems of Europe that are still relatively under appreciated.
Here’s our pick of the best hidden places in Europe:

Gregolimano, Greece

On the island of Evia, the white sandy headland of Gregolimano juts out over the blue waters of the Aegean. This resort is perfect for sport-loving families who like contemporary design and architecture. Our Deluxe Bungalows, made from sandstone and wood, have a pine forest setting and majestic sea views over Gregolimano beach.
From here you can easily do a day trip to Athens, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ancient Delphi or head to the Meteora Monasteries built by Byzantine monks in the 1400s. Situated at the summit of 24 mountain peaks, they almost appear to be suspended in mid-air, making this a truly magical European destination.

Cefalu, Sicily

Perched on the golden cliffs above Cefalu bay, our chic Sicilian resort is a haven for travellers looking for a refreshing mix of exploration and relaxation. Fly across the waves on an electric surfboard or gently glide on a stand-up paddleboard for some floating yoga. Gaze out to sea or onto the sunny hillsides from your private villetta, before joining the village to toast the sunset with a glass of champagne at our luxury Il Palazzo Gourmet Lounge.
Our resort gives you the perfect base for exploring the best of Sicily, one of our favourite European destinations. Try the life of a Sicillian fisherman or climb to the top of Europe’s largest live volcano, Mt Etna. Saunter through olive groves and lemon trees, zip through the tiny streets and cobblestone squares of Palermo on a vespa, or rent a car and drive along the breath-taking Tyrrhenian coast.

Palmiye, Turkey

An 800 metre stretch of sandy beach and the rugged peaks of the Taurus Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for our Palmiye resort near Antalya, Turkey. On site, there are no fewer than 12 tennis courts in which to perfect your serve. For something a bit different, try our flying trapeze and circus skills academy, or relax and enjoy the sensual pleasures of the Club Med Spa by Clarita.
You’re equally spoilt for choice when it comes to excursions. Choose from a day in the dazzling capital Istanbul, a tour of the Ottoman houses and Roman ruins in the labyrinthine streets of Antalya and a 4x4 Safari tour of the villages clustered in the foothills of Tahtali Mountain.

Opio En Provence, France

Within easy striking distance of Cannes and the Cote D’Azur, lies the rather more intimate resort of Opio En Provence, home to olive groves, pine forests and the irresistible herbal aromas of L’Occitane, which you can - of course - sample at close quarters in our spa.
There’s also a 9-hole golf course to master and a full range of childcare and kids clubs catering for all ages. Day trips outside the resort take in everything from perfecting your own perfume to treetop adventure circuits. Cultural explorers will relish cliff top tours of Gourdon and other neighbouring villages at the wheel of a charming two-seater buggy.

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