The best destinations for sun around the world

Our research found that Jerusalem in Israel is the best destination for sun, with Morocco, India, Portugal and Indonesia completing the top five.

Israel landed the top spot with an overall score of 74.2 out of 100, thanks to a high average temperature all year round. Temperatures are the highest here during autumn, averaging 24°C during summer months temperatures fall slightly to a still warm and enjoyable 20°C. Despite being slightly cooler during summer, this is when Israel is the driest, with an average of zero rainy days, in comparison to an average of four rainy days during the warmer autumn months. Summer is also when Israel has the most hours of daylight, with an incredible 12 hours to enjoy the sunshine on average each day, in comparison to the nine hours daily in autumn.

Marrakech in Morocco followed closely behind as the second best holiday destination for sun, with a score of 70.8 out of 100. On average, Marrakech sees the most sunlight hours during summer, when there are 11 hours of sunshine per day. The sea temperatures in Marrakech are the highest in summer too at an average of 21°C, so a trip to the beach is a must during a summer visit!

Rounding off the top three sunlight hotspots of the world is Goa in India with a score of 70.2 out of 100. Goa sees the most hours of sunlight during spring and winter, with an impressive average of nine hours per day during both seasons. The sea temperatures stay pretty constant throughout the year, averaging at 29°C through spring, summer and autumn and dropping slightly to 28°C during winter.

The best European destinations for sun

With so many iconic cities to choose from, known for fantastic food, abundant culture and countless sights to see, Europe makes a fantastic location for a sun-filled holiday. We’ve analysed European destinations to find the best holiday in Europe for sun. Our research found that Portugal came in first place as the European sunlight hotspot, followed by Greece, Spain, Italy and Croatia.

Faro in Portugal scored an impressive overall score of 87.7 out of 100 thanks to high temperatures and a low number of rainy days. The average temperature for the winter (13°C), spring (17°C) and summer (24°C) months are the highest out of all European destinations analysed. In the summer months, it's also the only destination in Europe with zero rainy days on average. Throughout the year, Faro has the most hours of sunlight in a day, with six during winter, nine during spring and an incredible 11 hours during summer.

The second best holiday destination in Europe for sun is Athens in Greece, with an overall score of 84.1 out of 100. Athens has the least precipitation out of all the European destinations analysed, and during summer - Athens has an average of just one rainy day.

Marbella in Spain placed third with a high score of 82.7 out of 100. Average temperatures are a key factor in Marbella's high ranking, with winter (13°C) and spring (17°C) temperatures being just as high as the top spot, Faro. Autumn is the warmest season at this destination, averaging 20°C. Marbella also scores very well when it comes to rainy days, having the least of all European destinations analysed during winter (six), spring (four) and autumn (four).

Taking fourth spot in the ranking with a score of 69.5 out of 100 is Palermo in Sicily, Italy. Palermo is the warmest destination of the European cities analysed during autumn (21°C) when the sea temperatures (22°C) are the highest of the European destinations too!

Rounding off the top five is Dubrovnik in Croatia, with a score of 56.8 out of 100. Despite having the highest level of precipitation of all European destinations analysed, Dubrovnik sees high temperatures all year round, especially in autumn when temperatures

The best holidays for sun in spring

Travelling during off-peak times, such as spring, is a great way to beat the summer crowds and save some money.
Our research revealed that Goa is the best destination for sun in spring time, with a score of 87.5 out of 100. With average temperatures of a lovely 29°C and only two rainy days, Goa is where you will find the highest number of sunlight hours per day during spring, with an incredible 10 to enjoy!

Jerusalem in Israel is the second best destination to visit during spring when it comes to sunlight, with an overall score of 82.5 out of 100, this is thanks to having an average of nine hours of sunshine each day and only four days of rain.

Marrakech in Morocco is the third best destination to visit during spring for sunlight, scoring 71.7 out of 100, with the second lowest precipitation (35) during this season and nine hours of sunlight during spring.

The fourth best sunlight capital to visit during spring is Faro in Portugal, with a score of 71.6 out of 100 thanks to a high number of hours of sunlight per day (nine hours), and an average of only five days of rain during the season!

Rounding off the top five is Bali in Indonesia, with a score of 69.2 out of 100. Bali achieved this score thanks to high temperatures and sea temperatures, both averaging at 28°C during spring, and having eight hours of sunlight per day.

The best destinations in the world for sunlight hours during summer

When looking for a summer holiday this year, you want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth so you can soak up as much sunshine as possible on your travels.
When looking at the summer months alone, our research found that Jerusalum is the best destination during summer to get the most out of each day in the sun. In the summer, Jerusalem has an average of 12 hours of sunlight per day and has so much to offer, from historic landmarks to religious sites, so having longer days to explore in the sun is perfect!

We found five destinations that follow closely behind Jerusalem in the ranking, all having an average of 11 hours of sunlight per day during summer. these are: Marrakech in Morocco, known for its delicious cuisine and luxurious resorts; Faro in Portugal, which boasts beautiful beaches and colourful architecture; Marbella in Spain, known for booming nightlife; Athens in Greece known for historic landmarks and rich history, and Dubrovnik in Croatia famous for picturesque landscapes. All destinations offer a unique holiday with one thing in common - sunshine!

A holiday to both Palermo in Italy and Bodrum in Turkey during summer will also have long days to enjoy the sunshine too. Both beautiful cities see an incredible 10 hours of sunlight per day in summer, meaning you can end a day in the sun with a sunset walk on the beach at a reasonable time.

Stockholm in Sweden gets an average of nine hours of sunlight per day, while Copenhagen in Denmark has eight hours. These destinations are perfect for those looking to get the most out of their days, but also looking to enjoy a slightly darker evening, ideal for a romantic candlelight dinner!


We analysed each destination (the top countries as voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveller) with an overall score, based on the following factors: the average temperature measured between periods of 1991-2020 from the average volume of precipitation per month within each season, average days of rainfall per month within each season, average hours of sunlight per day for each month within each season and an average temperature of the sea per month within each season, this information was found using World Meteorological Organization