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October is one of those in-between months. Some days can offer warmth and sunshine while others give a taste of true winter with biting winds blowing leaves in our faces. If you want a little more certainty about the weather than you could be considering booking a holiday, particularly during school half term. We have got suggestions about where you could go to get a better guarantee of sun and high temperatures for you and your family.

Island escape

Greece is glorious all year round and in October you can enjoy high temperatures and sea that won’t chill the bone when swimming. Kos, for example, has an average high of 26ºC to go with 8 hours of sunshine. The islands are spectacular and you will still find the tavernas open for business to serve up traditional delicious dishes. Urbanites could also choose Athens where they can soak up the historical sights with fewer crowds while heat levels are more tolerable than in summer.

Set sail in Turkey

For another destination that works in any month, Turkey cannot be overlooked. In October, temperatures are still holding up at around 25ºC if you choose the right location. We would recommend Bodrum where you can enjoy the beach and the Bodrum Cup, a spectacular yacht race where you could even join the crew on board one of the vessels to get up close to the action. The related festival is packed with food, drink and dancing that the kids will love. However, across Turkey you will also be able to enjoy a truly spectacular break in October without shivering in the cold.

Marvellous Marbella

Next October, why not try out the new Club Med resort in Marbella Spain? If the 24°C temperatures aren't enough to attract you then there is the glorious Andalusian region where a thousand treasures can be explored such as the exotic palace of Alhambra, the birthplace of Picasso and a journey to the origins of Flamenco. Marbella itself is a beautiful town to walk around with its mixture of modern and traditional while the Club Med resort also features one of the greatest Family Fun Zones in Europe where you and the little ones can enjoy endless days of excitement and laughter together.

An easy choice

Want to enjoy the Algarve but with fewer people, the same beautiful beaches and all-embracing culture? Club Med Da Balaia overlooks white sands and the breathtaking blue Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures in Albufeira, for example, remain at a more than pleasant 23ºC in October. That is true beach weather, but it would be a shame to miss out on the other pleasures the region has to offer such as glorious walks and enchanting castles. Go along the coast to visit bustling Lagos or head for the city and a fascinating day trip to Porto or Lisbon. Portuguese food is fresh and tasty, the Fado evenings still touch the heart and October sees a number of major festivals worth attending.

Say ‘Si’ to Sicily

Spend your October half term sipping on limoncello before exploring ruins and volcanoes in glorious Sicily. A 21ºC average means that the weather takes care of itself while you pamper your body and soul by enjoying the best that this island has to offer. Whether it is a hike up the still active Mt Etna, a Vespa tour with the wind in your hair, delicious cuisine at a local restaurant or a visit to the Greek theatre of Taormina, this is a destination that can provide a week of sunbathing or a feast for the mind. With memories that will keep you going until your next holiday, Club Med Cefalù offers the ideal clifftop base for your getaway.

Oh la la

Is there a time of the year when the South of France is not glorious? Short answer: no. It may get chilly later on but in October a 21ºC temperature allows you to enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Cote d’Azur and enjoy time on the beach. As well as the big stars of Cannes, Monaco and Nice, plan a visit to the delightful Antibes or Grasse, the centre of the French perfume industry. The luxury begins at Club Med’s Opio en Provence resort where you can enjoy pampering, sport and fun in the hills. But the film star vibe awaits below so make it an October of glam.

Caribbean dreams

You can travel further afield and still enjoy a little bit of France in a temperature of 31ºC. Martinique is a unique West Indian island where European influences are strong meaning you get the best of both worlds. The kids will love the Pirates of the Caribbean culture and you will love the tremendous beaches, laidback lifestyle and timeless days that seem to stretch your short autumn break over months rather than days. If you want watersports, food with soul, reggae music and your very own paradise then book for Club Med Les Boucaniers.

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