When should you visit Marbella

European retreats don't come much better than Marbella, a Mediterranean paradise for all the family. Marbella is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is also a hub of fantastic cultural adventures for you to enjoy. But when is the best time of the year to visit this fabulous city? We look at the weather, the events and the things to do that may sway your decision on when to book your holiday in glorious Andalusia.

Keep a check on the weather

A visit to Marbella is lovely all year round but you may be seeking something warmer that allows you to frolic on the beach without extra clothing. Between June and September are the obvious months for the highest temperatures which can reach a sweltering 31C. The sea itself remains very swimmable all the way to November when the region hits peak rainy season. But who cares about rain if you are under the water?

With a welcoming Mediterranean climate, even a post-Christmas visit in January can be tempting when temperatures can reach 18C. The springtime offers the perfect balance of warmth and relief from the sun. Expect 21C if you visit around April or May. Autumn offers an equally fine balance with other benefits we will look at soon.

Mixing temperature and tourists

For some people, the crowds of summer are off-putting and diminish the pure Marbella experience. If you are one of those holidaymakers who prefers their beaches less busy, choose a time of year when the weather is still glorious but the queues are shorter for the popular restaurants and everything is slightly more chilled. We would recommend September and October when you will find the sea to still be very accommodating in terms of temperature but the main bulk of tourists are already at home getting a little depressed about ever darkening evenings. After the 15th of September the Spanish holiday period is over and things return to normal in the country. Even better, the prices go down at this time of year meaning you can enjoy the brilliant local attractions at a lower price. Service quality can also go up from staff who are less harassed and love to welcome visitors at a less profitable time of the year.

Getting festive in Marbella

Amazing memories can be made on holiday when you find that your arrival coincides with a local festival. It can be the chance to see the locals truly enjoying themselves with the best in food, music, dance and art being readily available. If you are visiting Marbella then there are plenty of local festivals taking place across the year, but why leave it to chance? Culture lovers should make sure they book their Spanish holidays around these dates:

Getting Festive

Enjoying nature

Beyond Marbella lies magnificent countryside to be explored either on foot or maybe a 4x4 tour that Club Med can organise for you together with an expert guide. Andalusuia has unspoilt landscapes, charming villages and lots of local food and wine to be enjoyed on the way.

Local Ojen is an eco-reserve and a wildlife refuge that is home to many plants and animals that promise a magical experience for all travellers, a true fairytale forest. The best time to visit? All year is good in this part of the world although once again the boiling summer months may put off those who want to do their walking in lower temperatures. Autumn and springtime are perfect times to book.

Going for the golf

A visit to Marbella’s Golfing Valley should be on the agenda of every swinger at some point in their life. The sheer range of the courses and the beauty they offer has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. And for most of the year round this will be done under sunny skies.

The choice of when to go is up to you but remember that the summer months can get very hot and you could spend your round wiping away sweat rather than putting balls in holes. The mild temperatures of spring and autumn means you can fully appreciate the amazing courses while enjoying weather that helps you bring your A-game to the fairway. The choice is yours and remember that the greens will be faster after being hard baked by a long Spanish summer.

Christmas in Marbella

Many of us want to use our Christmas holidays to get away from domestic issues and all the stress that surrounds the festive season. A holiday in Marbella could be the answer with a 17C temperature, better weather and brilliant things to do,

The children will not be disappointed as there is a very Christmassy feel to the city with lots of markets, fairy lights and chestnuts roasting over street fires. The squares in particular look spectacular at this time of the year and it can feel even more festive than back at home. And nobody does a nativity scene like the Spanish.

New Year is also an amazing time to be in Marbella. You can turn up to glamorous parties without having to wear a coat. Forget buying an expensive ticket and take part in the public celebrations full of ringing bells and fireworks. On New Year's Day itself a public concert can be enjoyed to keep the sense of excitement going for longer.

How about ski-ing?

Remarkable as it may seem, it is possible to enjoy a ski holiday when based in Marbella and even in the springtime. Just a three hour journey from the main city you will find yourself at the top of Sierra Nevada, Andalusia’s main ski resort. It is not just a nod to ski-ing either with over 100 runs that cover everything from beginners to ski-ing experts. There are all the facilities you would expect from a leading European resort including chair lifts and equipment hire.

The best time to go is in November but you can find powder from as late as May. Head down the mountains later for a dip in the sea. And don't forget to visit Sierra Nevada during the summer months for amazing views and beautiful nature.

The best time for all-inclusive

Open from May to mid-December, Club Med Magna Marbella offers you the best base for your stay in Marbella whatever time you visit. Our resort is based at the foot of the Sierra Blanca mountains which makes it only a short walk to the main city but also provides a personal oasis of twelve acres which means even at the height of the tourist season you can find your own pace and space.

If the main bars are bustling then chill out on the beach club themed lagoon zone. Reserve a table at the Tierra Gourmet lounge or Suenos restaurant where you will be able to enjoy the local food included in your all-inclusive price. With loads to do for families, and the opportunity to keep the kids busy while you relax, book your holiday at Club Med to fully enjoy the glories of Southern Spain.

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