The glorious city of Antalya in Turkey, close to two Club Med resorts, should be near the top of your holiday bucket list. There’s so much to do, so many places to visit and such glorious natural sights that you can’t fail to enjoy yourself whatever time of year you go. However, it is worth taking into account the way Antalya weather changes throughout the year. In general, the summer is very hot and the seasons around that are warm and very pleasant. This month to month guide tells you what the weather’s like and suggests what you could do if that’s when you choose to go on holiday.


If you don't mind a rain shower or two then January offers the chance to explore Atalaya without the big crowds getting in the way. An average rainfall of 240mm means you’ll probably need your brolly and it won't be freezing but might be a little cold.

Suggested activity: Stay indoors this month with a visit to the world class aquarium near Konyaaltı Beach. There’s a 130m+ glass tunnel you can walk through to get close to the exotic fish, as well as lots of other great attractions including a 3D cinema and an ice museum with its very own snowfall every night. Throw in snakes, lizards and crocodiles and you have a brilliant family day out.


With a high temperature of 15°C and rain every other day you might be put off spending half-term in Antalya. Don’t be, you won't return with a tan but you will bring back memories of experiences you enjoyed in relative peace.

Suggested activity: This is a great month for trekking up a hillside to find the ancient city of Termessos. Like an explorer discovering a lost ruin you’ll come across a site to rival Maccu Piccu and ruins that include a full blown open-air theatre. Because you’re so high up, the view from your city in the clouds is also spectacular.


We’re reaching peak season for smart Antalya tourists when the bookings are cheaper but the weather is warming up nicely to make most activities a goer. You’ll avoid the harsh sun of summer but still be able to walk around in short shirt sleeves. The rain only appears for about 6 days a month as well.

Suggested activity: Let's do another ancient site this month with a trip to Perge, a short drive East of Antalya. It’s like being on the set of Ben Hur with its spectacular pillars, baths, imposing gates and decorations. Truly feel what it was like to live in olden times and the kids will have the imaginations fired by their surroundings. In March, most of the site will be yours to enjoy as well.


It might be wet at home but it’s warm and dry in Turkey. Maybe book an Easter break to treat everyone to culture, relaxation and great cuisine? You can also spend time on the beach without the need for a padded jacket.

Suggested activity: Reach for the sky by catching the cable car that runs up the slopes of Tünek Tepes. The views across the region are stunning and when you reach the top there will be a rotating restaurant waiting for you which is as fun as it sounds. There’s even a nightclub for those fancy a party at high altitude.


This is your last chance to visit Antalya before it gets very busy and very warm. Two days of rain on average means you’re unlikely to get soaked on your adventures and a 27° high suggests the beach could be a very welcoming place to visit.

Suggested activity: Look at most postcards from Antalya and you’ll see the minaret that overlooks the city. Yivli Minare is well worth a visit close up to appreciate the craft that has gone into this 38 meter tower. Called the “fluted minaret” it dates back to the 12th century with a few reconstructions since then. Not visiting the site is like going to Paris and avoiding the Eiffel Tower.


The summer has arrived and so has the high temperatures which can rise up to 31° during the day, so dress for the beach and spend a lot of time there as well. With the sun comes the crowds which for some is part of a great holiday but it will be crowded around all the most popular attractions. The Club Med resort can offer you the beach and the space to truly relax.

Suggested activity: Stay cool in one of the region's most famous caves that has seen human activity for 25,000 years. Karain Cave is a short trip to the North, requiring a stiff climb before you find several vast stony rooms where prehistoric bones have been dug up for centuries. It's well lit but still a little spooky and the rock formations are fantastic. After you feel the awe and wonder, head down the hill to the museum to find out a bit more about past residents of the cave.


We’re really starting to stretch out now under the boiling sun so order the ice creams, put up the umbrella and simply enjoy the glorious weather. If you see rain then that’s something of a minor miracle. Once again, be prepared for crowds and watch out for the sunburn.

Suggested activity: The Düden Waterfalls are the ideal place to get some summer coolness. There are two sets of waterfalls, upper and lower. The bottom one flows off cliffs into the sea and is spectacular. Go higher to enjoy something a little more sedate but equally as delightful with a little cave behind the waterfall where you can watch the curtain of wetness flow by, away from the harsh gaze of sunlight.


It’s the last month of the fierce heat and sun worshippers will be out in their droves. Highs of 35° and virtually no rain will tell you what you should be wearing and how you should be trying to find shady spots to enjoy your holiday.

Suggested activity: The beach really makes sense and Lara Beach is a brilliant place to relax and do nothing all day while waves gently lap the shore. There's plenty to entertain in the surrounding area and you can hire loungers, sports equipment and, most importantly, buy cold drinks, when you need them.


The kids might be going back to school but savvy travellers choose September to visit Antalya. The beach weather is a bit cooler here but you can avoid the really long queues and busy restaurants of the high summer season.

Suggested activity: Antalya Festival takes place in September so travel then if you fancy two weeks of history and culture. You’ll see street food on every corner and plenty of displays of the local dancing and singing. In other words, it's fiesta time and you’ll be tempted to join in the fun yourself. Who's up for some belly dancing?


October is our favourite month to visit Antalya where the balance between weather and crowds is at its finest. A little bit of rain (but not too much) can provide a welcome relief. Everything is open but fewer people are trying to get in.

Suggested activity: Use this month to visit Kas which provides everything you could want from a Turkish resort including top notch restaurants and lots of fine beach which you can almost claim as your own at this time of year. The people are considered quite hip as well which makes for fascinating contrast with other more traditional aspects of the local culture.


With the chance of snow at home, embrace the warmer climate of Turkey which can still reach a high of 23°C. With the heat, your options are flexible about what to do and lazy days on the sands can be interspersed with pleasant sightseeing tours.

Suggested activity: Head off to the old harbour for an amazing atmosphere where ultramodern and traditional boats compete together for space on the sea and where fishermen sell their fresh wares that you can enjoy in one of the authentic restaurants dotted around the area. Take a bracing boat trip from here but try haggling on the harbour for the best price.


The Turkish generally don't celebrate Christmas but New Year can be a fine time to visit for the more public festivities. You’ll encounter rain and the temperature won't rise much above 17°C, but for those in search of culture rather than sun it’s a good time to go to Antalya.

Suggested activity: If it is a bit cold outside then warm yourself up at Antalya Archaeological Museum, an amazing collection of art and artefacts from the local region dating back thousands of years. The Museum is an award winner for the sheer range of its many displays and how well they are presented to the visitor. Of particular note are the Greek and Roman ruins but every room has something special to hold your attention.

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