Seychelles Honeymoon Travel Guide

Where does the future King of Great Britain go on honeymoon? In 2011, William and Kate headed to the Seychelles for their post-wedding break. And if a honeymoon in the beautiful Seychelles is good enough for royalty then it’s obviously good enough for all of us. But where should you go and what should you do? Here’s our guide the perfect post-nuptial break.

Get ready for romance

The Seychelles is a place that will get both your hearts beating fast. The Azure waters shimmer next to some of the best beaches in the world, surrounded by dramatic black boulders. The temperature rarely falls below 24°C which makes it perfect for those getting married in the winter.

Added to all this are mangrove forests, brightly coloured wildlife and moon-like landscapes seemingly designed for Instagram moments. If you stay at the new Club Med Seychelles Resort you’ll also have a private island to yourself at the heart of a Marine National Park. Great food, lots of activities and infinity pools where you can share post-Wedding bliss together: it’s the honeymoon you both dreamed about.

Island hop together

If you can pull yourselves away from the resort then the Seychelles offers endless days of adventure and exploration around an archipelago of over 100 islands. The highlights include Mahe Island, home to the world's smallest capital – Victoria – and Morne Seychelles National Park where you can hike for hours amongst beautiful nature, planning your future life together.

Praslin Island is an untouched treasure trove of breathtaking sights and also home to the famous coco de mer palm trees. You could get lucky and find one of the sensuously shaped fruit of these trees, the largest seeds in the world with reportedly magical properties. They make the ideal honeymoon gift for your partner.

For more shared, private moments try horse riding across the perfect beach on Félicité Island. There are only 12 inhabitants so you can be assured of plenty of time to yourselves. Head slightly inland for another marvellous nature reserve where you can walk hand in hand amongst colourful flora and fauna.

Get the cameras out for Curieuse Island where the red coloured clay makes for a unique backdrop. It’s also a great place to watch sea turtles in their natural habitat. If you go during breeding season you might also see the magical sight of the baby turtles scrambling their way to the shore.

The taste of love

If you’re looking for memorable romantic meals in the Seychelles then you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy fish caught that morning from the sea and barbecued over coconut husks in a little shack by the beach. You’ll hear a conch shell being blown when the boats arrive into port every morning.

The curries often use coconut and are creamy and delicious. The locals like to eat them hot and you’ll find lots of different types including octopus as well as goat and chicken. They really are a favourite with the Seychelloise and that comes across in the flavours you’ll experience.

Bananas are grown locally and appear in many types of dishes. Roasted, flambeed, fried or simply covered in sauce – you’ve never truly eaten a banana until you’ve tried one in the Seychelles. Just be careful that all that weight you lost for the wedding doesn't make a sudden comeback. The other local fruit is equally as succulent and delicious. Mangos, starfruit, and limes are all around you and taste amazing on a plate.

For drinks afterwards try the local favourite Palm Wine or the Sarkk Takamak Run makes for an excellent choice when you’re both sitting together watching the sun go down on another beautiful day

Shared moments

As well as the astounding beauty there are plenty of other things to see and do in the Seychelles during your honeymoon. Visit the old clock tower in Victoria that has been telling the time for over a century and is a genuine wonder of early 20th century engineering. Also in Victoria you’ll find a thriving, bustling market where you can buy souvenirs and fresh, local food.

If you both enjoy water sports then you’ll find yourself in heaven with every kind of sailing, surfing and diving experience available. And, of course, you’ll never get bored with the range of activities at your Club Med resort.

When it comes to honeymoon destinations there are few better than Seychelles. For the romantics, the adventurers and the lovers of beautiful things, start planning your trip and best of luck with the wedding.

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