Do you dream of a ‘tropical paradise’?

Picture this, miles of soft white sand tickling your toes. Awe-inspiring jungles full of chirps and cackles. Warm turquoise waters that just demand a snorkel adventure and perfect cocktails delivered to your sun lounger.

You are not alone in this dream, as many people would like to click their red shoes and be there right now. Why not make that dream become a reality when you visit the sun-soaked Caribbean.
But where are the best places in the Caribbean to visit?

With an overwhelming amount of choices, this postcard perfect collection of islands is home to exotic wildlife, stunning scenery and thrilling water sports. Most of all though, they are the ideal place to soak up the sun, with five islands in particular standing head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to Carribean trips.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas sits just off the coast of Florida and doesn’t have bustling crowds of other places in the Carribean. Without the hustle and bustle of Florida, you will enjoy a tranquil environment where you can soak up the sun and seek out adventure.

The dreamlike beaches stretch into the distance, warmed by year-round sunshine – the perfect place to spread out your towel and relax with a good book. Mermaids and men will feel even more at home in the diverse underwater world that surrounds the Bahamas islands. Stunning corals, mysterious shipwrecks and even sharks await.

Improve on the perfection of The Bahamas even further by stepping into the paradise of ]Club Med Columbus Isle] (/r/Columbus-Isle/y). Our resort gives you a base to explore or simply somewhere to enjoy the glories of the islands while getting pampered and entertained.

The Dominic Republic

Take a walk on the wild side in the Dominican Republic, one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. It offers magnificent mountains and rainforests alongside tumbling waterfalls and, of course, gorgeous beaches. There are few better places to enjoy the sun, with a Caribbean cocktail in hand and a seemingly infinite view of the turquoise horizon.

Alternatively, you could take to the greener landscape and keep your eyes peeled for the teeming birdlife that calls the Dominican Republic home. Maybe you’ll spot a hummingbird on its busy flight around nectar-rich plants, or a chattering parakeet gliding close to the canopy.

Discover all this from Michès Playa Esmeralda, our new hidden gem in the Dominican Republic where untouched beauty combines with ultimate luxury.


This French-Caribbean getaway is a hotbed of unique culture and unspoilt natural beauty. Known as ‘the island of beautiful waters’, Guadeloupe is one of the best places in the world to dive beneath the waves and swim alongside schools of vibrant tropical fish. If you prefer to stay dry then take in the underwater spectacle from a glass-bottomed boat.

One of the most impressive things about Guadeloupe is the breath-taking array of volcanic peaks and verdant mountains – the perfect backdrop for exciting water sports. Why not test your mettle with kitesurfing or take in the scenery by kayak?

Luxuriate in the Creole lifestyle by booking your stay at the Club Med La Caravelle Resort, currently undergoing renovations to make your paradise even more pleasurable.


Tropical sunshine comes as standard in Martinique, an island nation where every Instagram is beautiful and the local cuisine sings a calypso. Although more developed than other Caribbean nations, there is still immense peace to be found on the luscious beaches of the south.

Miles of warm sand and inviting sapphire waters are the perfect place for sunbathing or a game of beach football. In the hazy distance to the north, the still-active Mount Pelée exhales occasional puffs of smoke, adding a prehistoric air to this sun-drenched landscape.

Stay at the Club Med Les Boucaniers near Sainte-Anne and soak up a history of swashbuckling pirates to go with the stunning scenery and sheer luxury.

Turks and Caicos

The Bahamas' lesser-known neighbour, the Turks and Caicos islands, are just as beautiful and even more enchanting. A dreamy retreat for couples looking to de-stress in the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

Pearly sand and vivid flowers surround the peaceful resorts including the newly redesigned Club Med Turkoise, while the vast expanse of gently rippling waves provides an unsurpassed diving experience. Rainbow-coloured sponges and corals play host to an amazing variety of fish, while rays and turtles drift by gracefully. You could even try deep sea diving at Bight Reef, one of Jacques Cousteau’s favourite underwater haunts.

While you won’t find Captain Jack Sparrow in these five Caribbean escapes, you will find a little slice of heaven you’ll be loathed to leave behind. Ease your toes into the sand, indulge your curiosity, and dive into the best places in the Caribbean.

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