Mexico is a fascinating country where the ghosts of ancient cultures still reside alongside a thriving modern culture. We still know relatively little about these ancestors who used to rule the land but archaeologists continue to make discoveries that inspire the imagination.

In recent years the state of Guerrero has provided another layer to Mexican history with the site known as La Soledad de Maciel or ‘La Chole’. The ruins and artefacts uncovered there have asked as many questions as they’ve answered. Who used to inhabit the site and how did they live?

Investigate for yourself. If you’re looking for interesting places to visit in Mexico then La Chole should definitely be on your agenda.

Fresh discoveries

Excavations at La Chole began in earnest in 2007. Before then various pieces had been found at the site including a stone monument dedicated to the King of La Chole. Locals were also aware of three pyramids, temple ruins and fascinating rings that indicated the site of a large ball court.

The stone monument (or stele) named after the venerated figure of the king currently resides in a local church whilst the other artefacts can now be viewed in a museum that has been built on the site.

What was La Chole for?

What we know so far is that the site has been inhabited by humans for over 3,000 years.

Our best guess is that the site was a ceremonial centre used by various cultures in its long history including the Cuicatecos and the Tepoztecas. Mexico has a history of different nations using and re-using sites so this would not be too unusual. We also know ‘La Chole’ was an important centre of trade and culture, comparable to the much more famous Teotihuacán.

We’re not sure how big the site actually is and it could extend several kilometres from its existing position with the recent discovery of surrounding settlements. Time may reveal the scale of this fascinating area.

Pay a visit

As mentioned, archaeological work is ongoing on the site and we can only speculate what might be uncovered next. Among the highlights so far is the base of a large pyramid as well as various examples of rock art and, rather gruesomely, what is likely to be a sacrifice stone.

Our recommendation is to go and see for yourself. As well as visiting the museum you can explore the ingenious architecture, visit the Hall of Columns where ball games were played and get up close with the Votive pyramid. You’ll be astonished what supposedly ancient cultures were able to achieve.

Mexican tourism offers many possibilities but if you like history and riddles then make time to visit La Chole. Our Ixtapa Pacific resort is the ideal base for starting your adventure where you can take the popular half Day Aura of Mystery tour. Maybe you can shed more light on the past?

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