Whales are one of the world’s most majestic creatures and seeing them up close is definitely one of those bucket list moments. It’s well worth travelling around the world to meet them but where are the main hotspots for whale watching? From the warm Caribbean to the chilly Antarctic, we round up six of the best.


We don't have a Club Med resort in the Antarctic (yet), but if you want a spectacular destination for whale watching then put on a warm coat and book a trip to Wilhelmina Bay. It’s where the whales go to feast on krill and build up their body fat. You’ll see a mix of humpback, minke and killer whales and the surrounding white cliffs of ice are hauntingly spectacular as well. Despite the remote location, the Bay is tourist friendly with plenty of boat trips available to visitors.


Hit the roads and head for Club Med Ixtapain the winter. Known as the Mexican Riviera, not only are the beaches glorious and the sun irresistible but you can spend part of your time watching California grey and humpback whales returning from the colder climes of the North. It’s easy to join a boat tour to get up close but the great thing about Ixtapa is that the views are almost as good when standing on the local cliffs. If you’re in the area in March then you can enjoy the spectacular sight of the whales beginning the migration back to their summer base, little ones trailing behind.

South Africa

Along the coast from Cape Town, Hermanus is one of the most popular spots for whale watching in the world. The best time to go is July to November when Walker Bay is a teeming mating ground for these magnificent mammals. There are many tours to choose from that will allow you to get close to the whales without being in any danger. For the more adventurous, a sea kayaking trip offers thrills and spills and truly personal encounters. Look out for the penguins on the beach as well in this wonderful region for nature.

The Dominican Republic

Just a few steps away from the Club Med resort in Michès you can embark on an adventure to see the humpback whales that head for the warm waters of Samaná Bay in the Caribbean from December to March. The creatures often put on a spectacular show as they mate, give birth and look after their young ones. Rival males leap out of the water and clap their fins together in order to attract attention and the noise can be quite deafening. We can organise a boat trip where you can enjoy the show at a respectful distance.

Sri Lanka

Mirassa on the South Coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best whale watching spots in the world. From November to April there’s a 90% chance of seeing one on your boat trip, which is far more reliable than other experiences. The sea can get choppy but much of the time you’ll have a pleasurable boat trip to mix with the blue, fin and sperm whales. Dolphins are also an added bonus and they can often be seen happily showing off in front of the tourists.


As you’ll have gathered from this list, whales appreciate warm waters as somewhere to relax and multiply before returning to colder waters. Mauritius is also another hot spot for humpback, sperm and pilot whales. The humpbacks can be observed from July to November whilst sperm whales have a year round presence. Head for the West Coast of the island for the best opportunities and stay at our La Pointe aux Canonniers resort for sheer luxury between boat trips.

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