Padel: The new trendy sport that's new to our Resorts

Make the most of your stay and discover new sporting horizons with this flagship sport, mix between squash and tennis. Go to similar courts but significantly smaller than a tennis court surrounded by glass walls. Treat yourself to parts of intense pleasure.

Our Resorts to practice padel


What is Padel?

Padel, also called paddeltennis was officially created in Mexico in 1969, but it was not until 1974 that the first padel club was created in Marbella, Spain. A mixture of tennis and squash, this sport is played 2 against 2, ideal for spending quality time with family, on a field of 20x10m (<>/<> less than an ordinary tennis court) surrounded by glass. In squash, it is accepted to bounce the ball on the walls of the court. One of the advantages of padel, whether you are beginners or experienced players, it remains a sport for all where the first reflexes are acquired very quickly.

Everyone is welcome at Club Med

Thanks to its 2 versus 2 configuration, padel is an ideal sport for having a good time with the family, whether on vacation, at the weekend or in your daily life. Children, parents, grandparents, everyone can take part and get together , without exception. "It's only played in doubles so it's fun, it's warm, we sleep in!", says Arnaud Di Pasquale who discovered this sport with friends. Whether they are padel beginners or experienced players, whether they are the type to say “But what is padel?” when you hand them the racquet or when they are the type to land on the field in full gear like the pros, all the members of the family can therefore get down to their level and take part in a pleasant moment of sporting sharing.

The questions you ask yourself

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