When is the best time to cruise the Caribbean?

Although we may be biassed as advocates of warm temperatures, days spent horizontally on the beach, and the exhilaration of watersports, there’s a Caribbean cruise to be had at every month of the year.

November to April is typically the best time to visit the Caribbean as temperatures are warm, festivities are in full swing, and the chances of hurricanes and stormy weather are next to none. Holidaymakers can bask in the views of sunset catamaran cruises and moonlit strolls on cruise ship decks during these months, thanks to sunny days and balmy evenings.

In contrast, May to October sees rainy spells, with high chances of hurricanes in August and September in particular. However as expected, fares are lower across cruises, hotels and excursions throughout these months.

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Is January a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

January marks the beginning of the Caribbean dry season, meaning there’s less chance of rain. So as one of the drier, sunnier months to visit this paradisiacal part of the world, January is a good time to cruise the Caribbean.

February also sees a lot less rainfall than previous months, whilst March brings sunshine-scattered days with up to to eight hours of sunlight - perfect for long days exploring. Throughout January, February and March, temperatures usually sit around the mid 70s and low 80s alongside low humidity. So for those looking to avoid soaring temperatures and partake in activities comfortably, the first quarter of the year is the ideal time for a Caribbean cruise.

With the high-peak of the holiday season having just come to an end, Caribbean cruises in January, February and March are much less busy. This means restaurants, sights, and beaches will be less busy than December, but still full of life as peak months.

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Is April a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

Still falling within peak season, April is also a great time to cruise the inviting waters of the Caribbean. Boasting blissful weather, ranging from the mid 70s to the low 90s, expect dry days and very little chance of rain or storms, even within the southern Caribbean. If soaking up warmer temperatures and spending the majority of your time horizontally sounds like unmatched bliss, April is the month to embark on your Caribbean cruise.

Arguably the best time to take a Caribbean cruise, there are endless activities and expeditions to choose from in March and April. The underwater visibility is exceptional throughout this time of year, so we recommend diving and snorkelling to spot the underwater locals like parrotfish, damselfish, sea turtles and manatees. As the sea is also extremely calm during March and April, it’s the perfect opportunity to take up paddleboarding, parasailing and kayaking.

The Caribbean sees a lot of spring breakers and families during March and April which means restaurants, activities, hotels, and beaches are more overcrowded than other times of the year. However with a cruise, holidaymakers can bask in the best of both worlds by retreating to a separate Caribbean haven.
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Is June a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

June marks the beginning of hurricane season and although storms are rare and sunshine is still in tow, rainy spells may make an appearance for holidaymakers choosing travel during this time. We recommend heading to southern Caribbean islands like Barbados and St Vincent to revel in more consistent temperatures and weather conditions throughout the day.

As it falls at the start of the wetter season, Caribbean cruises and the islands themselves are much quieter and less crowded in June. With this in mind, there are some notable savings to be made across trips and excursions meaning June is a good time to cruise the Caribbean.

Is August a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

July and August are particularly hot and humid months in the Caribbean. Plus, hurricane season is in full swing. Unsurprisingly the islands aren’t as popular during these months, meaning there are less tourists. Although hotels, beaches, restaurants, and town centres are less crowded, holidaymakers could experience up to 12 days of rain when visiting in August. And as expected, wetter weather means an increase in insects. So, waterproofs and insect repellent are essential alongside swimwear.

Islands within the western region of the Caribbean average around four inches of rain less a day during these months, so we recommend heading to Aruba, Curacao and Jamaica. However, eastern islands like Martinque and Dominica are wetter weather-wise.

Amidst the temperamental storms, travellers shouldn’t be deterred from cruising the Caribbean during these months as some islands reach 90 degrees during the day and cooler temperatures of low 70s in the evening. Turtle nesting also begins in June and ends in November, making July and August prime time for unforgettable wildlife spotting.

Is October a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

September and October are most susceptible to wetter weather and storms throughout the hurricane season. Travellers will more than likely experience unpredictable bouts of tropical rain yet warm, pleasant temperatures.

However for those with their heart set on a Caribbean cruise during the autumn months, the “ABC Islands” are the perfect paradisiacal antidote. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are the three westernmost islands of the Caribbean Sea and are often left unaffected by the hurricane season as they sit outside the prime zone. Aruba is the smallest of the three and known for its pristine sands and sunny climate, whilst Bonaire is a tropical haven for divers and Curacao is peppered with intriguing Dutch architecture.

Regardless of the charming pull of the ABC Islands, September and October remain the least popular months for embarking on a Caribbean cruise. There are impressive deals and low fares on Caribbean cruises and excursions to be snapped up, along with much more availability and less crowds.

Is December a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

Late November sees the start of peak season for Caribbean cruises and holidays. With the colder temperatures creeping in across the UK, whilst hurricane season comes to an end in early November, it’s no surprise holidaymakers flock to the islands of sun, sea and sand.

Throughout November and December, temperatures sit at around the high 70s and low 80s during the day - the ideal environment for hikes, watersports, and beach lounging. Boasting low humidity and little chance of rain, those lucky enough to visit the islands during these months can expect the notorious sun-scattered, clear days the Caribbean is known for.

As well as the guaranteed weather, December is a great time to cruise the Caribbean as there are endless Christmas and New Year celebrations and events to attend. Revel in local cuisine like the turkey, ham, pigeon peas and rice, and ‘black cake’ of Trinidad, and the slow-roasted suckling pig of Puerto Rico. We recommend booking as early as possible to secure your festivities. But if early December can be a welcome alternative, offering just as much charm but lower fares and less crowds.