The best Caribbean island for you

Located southeast of Mexico, a collection of colourful, adventure filled, rum-fuelled escapes known as the Caribbean Islands exist for travellers to enjoy. With the sunshine and beauty comes the abundance of choice as every island offers something unique and wonderful to the visitor. In order to cut through the confusion, Club Med is taking a closer look at the Caribbean and choosing five of the best islands to visit depending on the type of break you wish to enjoy.

The Bahamas - best for island hopping

How does a selection of 700 islands sound? This is what The Bahamas offers including 2,000 beaches situated next to some of the clearest seas in the Caribbean. This makes it a perfect location if you want a holiday packed with surfing, snorkeling and other watersports.

If you have never visited the Caribbean before then San Salvador is a great island to start your adventure. Just ask Christopher Columbus as it was one of the first places he ‘discovered’ in his voyages to the New World (it is also the island where Club Med Columbus Isle is based).

The main islands offer plenty of distraction. New Providence is well worth a visit to explore the capital Nassau, known for its high end shopping, casinos and fast boats. For something completely different, head to Pig Beach where you can enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of swimming alongside our porcine friends.

For those who want to stand out on Instagram, visit Harbour Island Eleuthera where pink-hued sands await your camera lens. Paradise Island is a nirvana of entertainment for families including a water park and many restaurants where everyone can dine like royalty. For those who love diving, Long Island is recommended with one of the deepest blue holes in the world - Dean’s - just offshore and ready for you to explore. A rich history of piracy in the region means there is gold to be found (maybe) in the fascinating wrecks that lie offshore from The Bahamas. Try not to be distracted from your hunt by the amazing sea creatures who make the wrecks their home.

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The Dominican Republic - best for families

If you want the friendliest Caribbean welcome and a culture full of fun and colour then the Dominican Republic is a great destination for families. The beachside activities go without saying - this is the Caribbean after all. What really sets the Dominican Republic apart is the excitement available inland. Discover other great family friendly destinations in the Caribbean.

Adventures in nature include the tropical forest of Three Eyes National Park. Wander and wonder at the rare and exotic flora and mark off the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua. For a once in a lifetime experience, the blue waters of Hoyo Azul offer a glimpse into Eden as you unwind by the side of this enchanted refuge before performing your next graceful dive. Or maybe you and the kids could zipline your way to the destination for some exhilaration before the relaxation? For more fun at heights, have your picture taken at the top of Montaña Redonda where a swing sends you into infinity and your friends wonder how on Earth you survived the trip.

The Dominican Republic dances to the beat of the Merengue and the Bachata and you will find the locals enticing you into their dance halls to learn the steps and take part in the festivities. We would recommend visiting in February to celebrate Carnival. Go whale spotting or dolphin watching with the family on a day trip. The adults may also enjoy a visit to La Aurora Cigar Factory, or a tasting tour of one of many local rum distilleries.

You can enjoy the Dominican Republic in full with Club Med that has two resorts on the island based in Punta Cana and the pristine beach of Michès Playa Esmeralda.

Turks and Caicos - best for couples

If you are looking for a holiday without children then Club Med offers an adult-only resort in the glorious islands of Turks and Caicos. There are 40 islands in this archipelago most of which offer simply superb beaches and stunning underwater sea life. In fact, Grace Bay Beach was recently named the number one in the world and you will understand why when you step out onto its white powdery sands. From here you can indulge in kitesurfing, water-ski-ing, learning to sail or any sport in between.

Turks and Caicos is one of the Caribbean’s quietest destinations. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do and see and fun to be had in the evenings as the drinks are poured and the music starts everyone swaying. For landlubbers, many high end golf courses are available where a walk along the fairway brings views normally only seen on postcards.

Fancy a jungle adventure? Hire a kayak and make your way through the mysterious mangroves where you will be surrounded by a huge variety of marine life. Your adventures continue in Conch Bar Caves where spectacular stalactites and stalagmites transport you to a different world. Just relax and treat yourself to a millionaire class motor boat cruise along Grace Bay to admire the coral reef. Eat a fresh lunch with a sea breeze and visit Iguana island where you half expect dinosaurs to appear at any moment given its Jurassic atmosphere.

The Turk and Caicos Islands are a truly stunning getaway from your everyday world and a great place to honeymoon, make new friends, party late into the night and have the time of your life in a luxurious environment.

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Martinique - best for culture

Appreciate a little European culture while enjoying your holiday under a blazing hot Caribbean sun. Martinique offers beach lovers and Francophiles a mix of sand and La Vie Superbe with its French colony past making a heavy imprint on the island’s culture, cuisine and hospitality. Ideal for families and romantics, Martinique is also for those who want something a little different from their exotic holiday. For the kids, the pirate past of the island offers a fun playground to live out their swashbuckling dreams.

Dotted with fishing villages and brightly coloured towns, there will be plenty to explore during your stay. You will be able to investigate the best in colonial architecture such as Fort-de-France as well as stroll around the magnificently populated Botanical gardens of Jardin de Balata. There are also secluded coves for those who really want to get away from it all. Sea Grape Beach should be on your must-visit itinerary for its striking black volcanic sands that offer a temporary reprieve from the blinding white beaches elsewhere. Head North for mountains and lush rainforest but stick to the South for your serious sunbathing and many types of watersport.

The cuisine is also notable with the blend of different cultures offering up something unique but totally delicious, fully utilising the local fruit and vegetables. For those who prefer a table-based culinary adventure there are many restaurants to book, offering everything from a quick snack to a luscious meal of a quality you would normally expect in the centre of Paris.

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St Lucia - best for beauty

It is hard to pick out one Caribbean Island for its good looks but St Lucia must be near the top of the list. It is like a greatest hits package of the region’s natural wonders, offering everything your eyes could demand in terms of holiday enchantment.

White, sandy beaches, remarkable snorkeling in clear blue seas, glorious waterfalls at Edmund Forest, nature reserves full of birds with colourful plumage – check them all off your list.

In addition there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed including ziplining, nightlife in Rodney Bay and even the opportunity to see the local sea turtles hatching in the evening. Stay in Soufrière, the original French capital of the island, for cruise ships and happy tourists. Go central to be closer to the wildlife with beaches only a drive away. You can also enjoy a unique experience in St Lucia by visiting Sulfur Springs, which is as smelly as it sounds but also offers an amazing mud bath experience to fully open the pores. To make up for the healthiness you can visit a cacao plantation and learn how to make your own chocolate afterwards.

However, we talked about best for beauty and the views truly are spectacular in this part of the Caribbean. From the mystic peaks of the Piton mountains to the scene over the bay as you enjoy a fresh lobster meal after a happy day of sunbathing, heaven awaits on this delightful island.