Bodrum is a serious contender for any holiday in Turkey with its combination of glorious beaches and places of historical interest. Whilst many will pick summer as the obvious time to go, there is lots going on in every month and the more discerning traveller may choose a different date when the crowds are smaller and the temperature is more bearable. Here are some of our suggestions for when to visit this wonderful resort.

All Year Round Pleasure

The best time of year to visit Bodrum will depend on what you’re looking for in your Turkish holiday. The sun is at its hottest and longest in summer obviously but can often climb to an unforgiving 34ºC which may mean you are restricted in your activities due to the sheer heat. Springtime and autumn are both still very pleasant when it’s warm but still cool enough to visit the sights and enjoy the ruins before putting out the beach blanket.

In the winter months it can rain more often but with a lowest average temperature of 15°C in February it’s still very pleasant and you’ll be able to take advantage of the smaller crowds and better hotel rates.

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Springtime On A Bike

If you like things eco-friendly and athletic then you’ll love the Bodrum Bicycle festival held in May each year. Everyone is encouraged to get on two wheels and you’ll see hundreds of locals and tourists take advantage of car-free streets to enjoy healthy outdoor exercise. Even if you don’t cycle, if you go when the festival’s on you’ll find plenty to enjoy including lots of live music and dancing. Join in because everyone needs to try belly dancing once in their life, right?

Long, Hot Summers

Many people go to Turkey for the weather and the summer months are truly bright, dry and warm. In fact, it would be hard to find rain anywhere in the country. If you want the ultimate sun experience then August is when things are at their warmest with temperatures capable of soaring above 36°C and only occasionally dropping below 30°C during the day. It's an obvious time to go to the beach (Camel beach is probably best for families) but also a sensible moment to stay in the shade by visiting the castle, art museum or browsing the exotic goods in the bazaar.

Autumn Festivals

Autumn is one of our favourite times to visit Bodrum. There might be more rain but there’s still plenty of sun and the heat holds up well. In October alone the average temperature is 25ºC which is definitely beach weather. There are also some great things to do in Autumn to make your trip even more special.

Do you like to be on the sea? If so then the Bodrum Cup could be your ideal October entertainment. These yacht races take place using traditional wooden gulets and are a sight to behold. The great thing is that you can book your own space on one of the competing boats to enjoy the action first hand. You’ll also be served meals by the crew who may want you to give a helping hand on running the boat in return. Overall, it's an unforgettable experience as a spectator or participant and definitely recommended to those who love all things Mediterranean.

December Festivity?

In general, Turkey doesn't celebrate Christmas but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a festive season with warm weather and a glorious view. In Bodrum the restaurants are still open and nobody will mind you enjoying your own seasonal festival. One of the unique things about Bodrum is that the Mayor actually holds a Christmas party next to the castle where the international community is invited for drinks, a barbecue and even some carols. It could be a very memorable yuletide for you and your fellow visitors.

Other Events To Not To Miss

There’s usually something going on in Bodrum and you may want to time your visit to coincide with some of the other festivals not yet mentioned. Arts lovers should consider August when they can not only get a great tan but attend the Bodrum ballet festival. What makes this really special is that some of the performances take place in ancient amphitheatres in the city. It really adds to the atmosphere of the ballet and unique experience for those used to seeing Swan Lake in a traditional theatre.

The Pedasa festival takes place in May, although it’s best to check first as the date can vary. This celebration offers a variety of activities from music to folk dancing to organised nature walks. It’s a great time to soak up the Turkish culture and close up with the people as they celebrate life and good company.

If you’re going to Bodrum in February and love your food and drink then don't miss the Sucuk & Wine Festival. If you've never tried this delicious Turkish sausage then now is the time. And don't forget a good glug of Yakut wine to wash it down, the most popular red in Turkey. There’s also music and dancing at what is one of the favourite annual events amongst locals.

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