For a small island nation with little over 1 million inhabitants, Mauritius has an extraordinarily diverse food scene, having absorbed influences from several continents including India, China and Europe. To add an extra culinary dimension to your trip, these are the essential local delicacies you’ll want to make sure are on your dining itinerary. Whether you’re after a sit-down meal in off-the-radar restaurants in Mauritius, or are looking to grab some street food at a thriving market or bazaar, Mauritius has something delicious to offer you. You’ll also have no trouble satisfying your sweet tooth either.

Greece – Pasticcio

Pasticcio, which literally translates as ‘hodgepodge’, is Greece’s answer to lasagne. This local favourite manages to be just as tasty, but even more filling! Its key components are macaroni or some type of noodley pasta, beef or lamb mince, and a creamy béchamel sauce, neatly layered and baked in a pan until golden brown. Top it off with a handful of fresh parsley for one big, irresistible mess of carbs on a plate! You can try it for yourself on a sun-soaked getaway in beautiful Greece.

Calabria – ‘Nduja

Each region of Italy comes with its own distinctly enviable larder of incredible specialities and Calabria is no exception. One of its chief delicacies, along with sweet red onions from Tropea and fiery chillies, is ‘Nduja, a type of fiendishly spicy, spreadable pork salami. While often used as an ingredient to spice up many regional dishes, it’s perhaps best enjoyed like a pâté or bruschetta topping, paired with ripe tomatoes, goat cheese or roasted garlic.

Sicily – Pasta alla Norma

Sicilian cuisine is famous for its delicious simplicity, making good use of local ingredients such as fresh squid and octopus, lots of vegetables and, of course, Sicillian lemons perfectly ripened in the Mediterranean sunshine. Along with tempting staples like arancini and caponata, you must try the full range of local Sicilian pasta sauces, such as Pasta alla Norma from Catania which is typically made with fried aubergine, tomato, thyme, pecorino cheese and grated ricotta cheese.
For the best Mediterranean food Sicily has to offer, try the specially curated menu by Michelin-starred chef, Andrea Berton, at our Cefalu resort.

Provence – Petit Farcis

The South of France has given the world many wonderful dishes to savour, including pissaladiere pizzas, anchovy tapenade and ratatouille to name just a few. Originating from Nice, Petit Farcis is a little less well known than the other delights from Provence. Vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, onions, peppers and tomatoes are stuffed, or “farcied”, with minced meat seasoned with Provençal herbs and slowly roasted in an oven until they reach exquisite melt-in-the-mouth perfection. Enjoy local produce and regional specialities at Club Med Opio en Provence and get a taste of France’s unique take on Mediterranean cuisine.

Try out our mini tasting tour of the Med at home or get inspired and pack your palette for a gastronomic adventure of your own with Club Med.

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