Club Med offers some fantastic lakes and mountain's holidays, and whilst the tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is perhaps most famous for its pristine white beaches, colonial heritage and laidback luxury lifestyle, its stunning mountain vistas should not be ignored. The longest range is the Moka Range, but it’s well worth exploring the Grand Port Range, the Savanne Range and the Black River Range for some quality trekking in Mauritius. Also, the incredible views from the peaks make these ranges some of the best places to see in Mauritius.

Here are our favourite hiking trails for your Mauritius visit:

Black River Peak

If you plan to see some wildlife, then a trip to the Black River Gorges National Park should be on your agenda. Take a hike up Black River Peak and you’ll soon be walking along with macaque monkeys for company. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the rare and striking Paille-en-queue bird in the canopy – one of nine indigenous bird species known to occupy the park. The two hour, nine kilometre hike takes you to the top of the island’s highest peak at 828 metres, providing unrivalled views over the deep green, forested environs below. Pieter Both in the Moka Range is number two at 820 metres.

Le Pouce

The third highest mountain on Mauritius is Le Pouce (or ‘the thumb’), with an elevation of 821 metres. Hiking Le Pouce is fairly easy, with an optional challenge of climbing up the ‘thumbnail’ at the end. From its apex in the North West corner of the island, you can look out over the small islands of Mauritius – Flat Island, Round Island and Snake Island – and savour one of the best views of Port Louis. The first ever person thought to have made the climb to the top was none other than Charles Darwin.

Corps des Gardes

Not too far behind Le Pouce is Corps de Garde at 780 metres. With volcanic origins and made from basalt rock, some say this mountain resembles a night watchman at rest. Make your way through thick bush on a four hour trek for an excellent view of the island’s other mountains including Rempart, Tourelle de Tamarin, Black River Piton and, further away, the majestic Morne Brabant.

Lion Mountain

If you fancy a bit more of a challenge, Lion Mountain in Mauritius’ Grand Port Range could be the answer. Named after its distinctive leonine shape, this beautiful mountain can be easily found towering over the Vieux Old Port. Hire a local guide to help you make the four hour round trip up the beast’s back, including a few scrambles, and you’ll be rewarded with amazing views over the inland. Elsewhere, you’ll see the whiteish crags of Montagne Blanc and the three peaks of Les Trois Mammelles, the centre peak of which is around 500 metres and offers some spectacular drops to get the adrenaline pumping.

The Tourelle de Tamarin

This mountain on the private estate of the Maingard family is a mere 548 metres, but has some challenging climbs and beautiful unspoilt terrain. Hikers flock to this green peak to see, arguably, the best view of the entire western side of the island, taking in the beautiful lagoon of Les Fonds Blancs.

Signal Mountain

The charming colonial capital of Port Louis also has its own mountain. Signal Mountain is so-called because of the radio antennae at its peak. With an elevation of just 323 metres, it makes for an easy and pleasant stroll to the top where you can watch the island’s stunning sunset.

Agree with our favourite trails? Visit Mauritius and discover your very own hiking adventure in this tropical paradise.

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