For families with children, finding school holiday cruises that offer exceptional excursions, high-quality onboard activities, delicious food, and a range of locations can be difficult. The answer? Club Med cruises

From setting sail around the Caribbean and exploring the beauty of their beaches firsthand, to embarking on a Mediterranean cruise and indulging in historic sites, we have a range of cruises for school holidays ready for you to book.

Read on to discover our October school holiday cruises and summer school holiday cruises for 2023, all equally as mesmerising as the next.

Top 3 Club Med Summer School Holiday Cruises

The heat, the beaches, the sites, the excursions - there’s plenty to be charmed by with our summer school holiday cruises for 2023. Discover our top three below to find the perfect cruise for you and your family.

1. Treasures of the Eastern Mediterranean

Beginning in Nice and ending in Athens, our 21 day Treasures of the Eastern Mediterranean is the perfect summer school holiday cruise for families. Sailing between June and July, guests can expect exquisite weather alongside a myriad of exciting activities and memories to be made.

The itinerary
When it comes to locations, holidaymakers have the opportunity to explore 17 different spots in the Mediterranean. From the Aragonese citadel of the main village, ogle over the charmingly colourful houses built on the hillside in Porto Santo Stefano. Just as captivating in views, take in breathtaking landscapes at Lipari, home to volcanic origins. Moving onto Greece after a day of open sailing, discover the traditional wonders of Hydra. With no cars or motor vehicles on the island, its beauty is unrivalled in the form of quaintness and bougainvillaea-speckled streets.

Sailing into Istanbul shortly after, cruise the Bosphorus and explore the bustling markets and beautiful mosques the majestic city has to offer, which combines the traditional with the contemporary. Towards the end of the cruise, you’ll head to the city of Ashdod in Israel, one of the most sacred cities in the world, and bask in historic monuments like the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock. Finally you’ll get the chance to see the remains of the famous Alexandria lighthouse in Egypt, before heading back to Greece to stop at Santorini and Athens.

Amid the endless sites and cities to be explored, enjoy relaxing spa treatments, yoga classes, watersports and evening entertainment onboard our Club Med Treasures of the Eastern Mediterranean cruise.

2. From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea

If a 14 day cruise around Greece, Turkey and Italy sounds appealing, then our From the Aegean to the Ionian Sea cruise should be your next summer holiday. Sailing between August and September, enjoy a balance of historic sightseeing and thrilling excursions.

The itinerary
Start your Mediterranean summer cruise in Athens and uncover the age-old history of the city in the form of the narrow streets of the Plaka district and the Temple of Poseidon on a Club Med excursion. Moving onto the Grecian island of Chios, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nea Moni and its beautiful monastery. Next, in Turkey, lose yourself in the biggest palace in the world, Topkapi Palace, and meander the world’s biggest market, Grand Bazaar, taking in the hubbub of 2,000 shops and 58 internal streets.

Heading over to Syracuse in Italy, embark on an excursion uncovering a melting pot of Greek and Roman history. Visit the Syracuse cathedral, which is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture built on the ancient Temple of Minerva, and end at the Fountain of Arethusa. As the remainder of the Aegean to the Ionian Sea cruise takes place in Italy, holidaymakers have the chance to experience the volcanic origins of Lipari and the breathtaking harbour of Bonifacio too before docking for good in Nice.

3. Albania and the Greek islands

Our Albania and the Greek islands cruise begins in Brindisi and ends in Athens and Lavrio. Taking place in August, holidaymakers chasing the scorching temperatures the Mediterranean is known for are in luck. Offering eight days and seven nights of pure, uninterrupted bliss, discover the wonders of Italy, Albania and Greece.

The itinerary
Departing from the Italian city of Brindisi, drive through the countryside of Puglia on the first day of your holiday before sailing the seas. On this Club Med excursion, you’ll end up in the village of Alberobello, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its uniquely shaped cone-roofs, visible on the Sant’Antonio da Padova church.

Next, set sail for the Albanian city of Vlore and hop over to the Greek city of Apollonia. Then revel in the beautiful nature of Kefalonia and the small, charming port of Katakolon before exploring the Caves of Diros in Gythion by river. A half day Club Med excursion, explore these mesmerising natural features alongside unforgettable sites of stalactites, stalagmites and crystals. Ending in the Greek capital of Athens, our Albania and the Greek islands cruise offers a true depiction of authentic and modern Greece.

Top 3 Club Med Half Term Holiday Cruises

1. Mini cruise from Portofino to St-Tropez

For an October school half term cruise that’s short and sweet, opt for our five day and four night Mini cruise from Portofino to St-Tropez.

The itinerary
Begin your Mediterranean trip in the French city of Nice and visit one of the most picturesque perched villages in the region and wander through the small medieval village of Eze. Day two ports at Portofino, an equally as charming Italian commune on the Italian Riviera. Holidaymakers have the option of embarking on a guided walking tour of the mesmerising area to hear tales and see monuments. Or, a guided boat ride to San Fruttuoso’s bay, famous for an 11th century abbey hidden in a small creek.

Day three transports guests to Ile Rousse, surrounded by an endless stretch of pristine beach and spellbinding islands of the igneous rock, red porphyre. Day four entails sailing to St-Tropez, where guests can take a one hour boat ride to Canebiers’s bay to visit the old town and 16th-century Citadel. The final stop on day five is Nice, where guests began their Mediterranean cruise

2. Spring Transatlantic

If a school half term cruise that spends more on the sea than on the land sounds like perfection, our Spring Transatlantic cruise should be top of your list. Setting sail between March and April, it’s the ideal Easter break for families.

The itinerary
Start your cruise in Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinque, and get lost in the colourful markets and pull of the urban lifestyle before stepping aboard your cruise. Your next stop is Barbados, where excursions include boarding a submarine to witness sea life 50 metres down, including surgeon and angel fish, as well as coral reefs.

Day nine gives holidaymakers the option to explore the capital of Cape Verde, Mindelo. Take an island tour and fall in love with the breathtaking landscapes before taking a peaceful swim. Finally day 12 and 13 bring a visit to the biggest city in the Canary Islands, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. Visit the pastel-hued village of Agüimes before moving onto the natural park of Guayadeque and encounter spellbinding natural caves.

Whilst sailing the open sea on our Club Med Spring Transatlantic cruise, indulge at our art deco-inspired, newly renovated restaurant Le Monte-Carlo which focuses on local flavours. Unwind with tailored spa treatments at our Club Med Spa by SOTHYS, including full body massages and facials. And even dabble in the calm of Herberson yoga classes.

3. Mini cruise from Nice to Marseille

Set sail on six days and five nights of pure blissful Mediterranean cruising with our Mini cruise from Nice to Marseille. Sailing in October, it’s the ideal October half term cruise for families with beautiful locations and exhilarating activities to be experienced.

The itinerary
Drink up the neoclassical elegance of Nice on day one and ogle over beautiful art and flora. Day two sees a stop and optional excursion at the peaceful Italian island of Elba. Holidaymakers can visit Villa San Martino where Napoleon spent his ten months of exile and explore the quaint fishing port in Porto Azzurro. Wine tasting at the La Chiusa estate with a sea view ends the day perfectly before heading onto Calvi.

In Calvi, guests can choose between an array of Club Med excursions. From mountain biking and hiking the highest summit of the Balagne area, to admiring the local sandy beaches by speedboat and exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Scandola nature reserve - there’s something for every visitor. Day four offers a trip to the charming port of Sanary-sur-Mer, whilst day five brings a visit to Sète with it, known as the “Venice of Languedoc.” Finally, finish your Club Med Mediterranean mini cruise navigating the historic neighbourhoods of Marseille.