When the nights draw in and temperatures drop in the UK, what better time to plan a holiday. But not for next summer, we’re talking about a winter sun holiday, and here is our guide to the best places to go for it.

The best winter sun destinations

The winter months in the UK sometimes seem to last forever. From the chilly winds of October to the lingering frosts of March, we find ourselves huddled at home, looking out of the window at dark skies and wishing we were somewhere warmer and brighter.

So where should we seek our much needed winter heat? Thanks to air travel, it is possible to hop on a plane and find ourselves somewhere exotic where the sun beats down in glorious surroundings – it is always summer somewhere in the world after all. Club Med has listed some of the best destinations for a much needed break that combines great weather with plenty to do and see.

More than the weather

Sunshine and warmth are the obvious attractions of a winter sun holiday but there are even more advantages. Resorts are not as busy as they are during their peak UK summer period giving you the space to lie out and relax. Local attractions can be explored in full and holiday pictures will feature family members rather than strangers in the background.

Finally, a winter holiday is fun because it is unseasonal. Especially when you get home and everyone asks why you have a tan when the snow is lying on the floor outside. Try not to sound too smug.

Where to stay in the Indian Ocean?

Jewels of the Indian Ocean

Picture a winter sun holiday and immediately the azure seas and white sand beaches of Mauritius and the Maldives will spring to mind: quiet, private islands, villas on stilts in the sea, and drinking water from coconuts under an endless sun.

These Indian Ocean destinations have a deserved reputation as some of the best places to go for winter sun. Mauritius and the Maldives are both less than 12 hours away by plane and, with only a three or four-hour time difference to the UK, you don’t have to worry too much about jet lag.

As an example, the average temperature in the Maldives is up to 30°C in December meaning this part of the world is perfect if you want to dive, water-ski or snorkel in crystal clear waters over coral reefs — and with gentle, sloping beaches and options such as glass-bottomed boat trips and increasing facilities for children, the Indian Ocean is becoming ever more popular with families.

Our all-inclusive family resort in Mauritius is a breathtaking place to spend winter days. When you are not relaxing on the beach or in a recently updated, ocean facing suite, you can indulge in hiking, diving, kite surfing and canoeing amongst many other activities. Take Instagrammable excursions to the magnificent Chamarel waterfall or the unforgettable dunes of 7 Coloured Earths. Give Mauritian finger food a go while soaking up the sun with the vibrant new Club Med beach concept.

La Plantation d’Albion

Relax in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands need no introduction as a fabulous winter sun holiday destination. A string of archipelagos large and small, each with their own flavour, identity and language, the Caribbean is a place to kick back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. One of the shorter flights for a winter sun holiday, of between just nine or ten hours, Club Med has resorts in the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Martinique and Guadeloupe – as well as the Turks and Caicos islands. Some of these are adult-only resorts, others are family-friendly destinations, so there is something for everyone. Expect an average high of 28°C.

Enjoy a festival feeling in a coconut grove by the sea. This glorious Club Med resort brings a true taste of the Caribbean to your winter holiday with the perfect combination of beach life, exciting excursions and some of the world’s best looking golf courses. For scuba divers the local waters teem with exotic fish. Culture lovers will want to learn a merengue and join in with the dancers in the local halls at Santa Domingo. Make sure you visit a rum distillery and enjoy that most summery of drinks in the sunshine while friends at home make a cold journey to work.

Punta Cana

Where to stay in America?

We like to be in America

Florida is probably one of most visited places in the US by Brits in search of winter sun, but there are so many other places to explore on the continent – North, Central and South. The huge benefit of Florida is that there is no language barrier – and there is also familiar food – which makes for a smooth, hassle-free experience. Disney World and Universal Studios are both must-visit destinations for families headed to Florida, and Club Med’s Sandpiper Bay resort in Florida is just a two-hour drive; perfect for an add-on or a day excursion. Don’t disregard Mexico though, which has stunning Club Med resorts offering fun and adventure in the subtropics.

See Mexico at its best by making your base at Cancún with access to endless white beaches as well as a central position for amazing day trips to places such as the Mayan pyramids and clear blue cenote water holes. With a December average high of 28°C, this is a winter holiday where you will awaken your taste buds with the local Mexican cuisine as well as a gourmet experience at resort restaurants. Travel in November and take part in the colourful and fun Day of the Dead celebrations. You can also see the amazing sight of a sea turtle hatching on a beach up until November.


Where to stay in Asia?

Eastern delights

If you have never visited Asia, the sights and smells of the Orient are unforgettable: from the moment you step off the plane, a winter sun holiday there is a guaranteed feast for the senses. With white sand beaches, tasty and exotic food, and cultural explorations to temples and markets, Asia is a great choice.

As winter sun destinations, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia all offer a wealth of different experiences in spades, as well as guaranteed warmth and quiet relaxation. Choose between exploring the jungle beach resort of Club Med Cherating Beach in Malaysia or the private paradise of Bintan Island, Indonesia – or perhaps Phuket in Thailand, the country known as ‘the land of smiles. Flight times vary between 11 and 15 hours but once you are there, the journey is more than worth it.

You will not get much further away from leafless trees and snow than in the jungle of Malaysia where the Club Med resort sits within touching distance of a wonderful beach giving you the best of two realms of nature. Get away from it all to the sound of exotic birds and the relaxing whoosh of the ocean. Really let go in the family splash zone or enjoy a massage in an open-air pagoda. Winter really can be bliss.

Cherating Beach

Where to stay in Africa?

Exotic Africa

With a flight time of less than four hours from the UK, and a time difference of just one hour, Morocco is the perfect winter sun destination for those pushed for time, who can squeeze just a week into their pre or post-Christmas schedule. Without jet lag, and with such a short flight time, you can enjoy warm sunshine during the UK winter with ease and still experience a diverse and different culture. Morocco is best visited during the UK winter months, when temperatures range between 20-25°C, rather than around 35-40°C during the summer months.

Lose yourself in a bustling souk full of spice scents and furious haggling before returning to the dreamlike experience of our resort in Morocco where you will find a timeless world of tranquil courtyards and scented gardens; a place where winter seems like a lifetime away. Morocco offers almost guaranteed warmth and a rich land and culture to explore for those who enjoy plenty of activity on their holiday. For those who just need a rest then the poolside bar awaits.

Marrakech la Palmeraie

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