When should you visit the Caribbean

A holiday to the Caribbean is near the top of many bucket lists. This is not a surprise as the region has been blessed with an abundance of brilliant weather, beautiful locations and all-embracing culture. Once you have decided on which island to visit you need to choose when to travel. Everyone has different aims for their getaway, from lazing on the beach to drinking the local rum and dancing at a festival. Club Med offers this guide to when you should go to the Caribbean to experience your own magical escape.

When to go for good weather

Every day is a good day for weather in the Caribbean. Is there anything else that needs to be said? June to October will see sunshine beating down on every island in the region and travellers don’t have to worry too much about where to stay if looking for hours of tanning on an amazing beach.

That being said, some islands do claim to have more sunshine than others. Aruba makes a good case for the most 'rays' while many point out Anguilla as the island with the best weather all year round. Turks and Caicos is probably the driest island and Providenciales doesn't seem to sell too many raincoats in its shops either. Overall, you know what to expect with a Caribbean holiday and are paying money for the sunshine and good times. The islands will deliver this and more so bring the sunscreen – you are going to need it!

When is the rainy season in the Caribbean?

When you picture a ‘rainy season’ in your head you might envisage day after day of gray skies and showers. However, the Caribbean is not like this at all. The official rainy season often starts in June and carries on until November. The rain itself tends to come in short bursts which, although heavy at times, are unlikely to disrupt your holiday plans and may even provide a welcome break from the constant heat.

There may also be hurricanes at this time of the year although they are relatively rare. Head for the far south of the Caribbean to an island such as Trinidad and Tobago and you are unlikely to be affected at all. If you are looking to save a little money and avoid the busiest time of year then the rainy season is a great choice for your holiday. The occasionally refreshing soak will be followed by plenty of sunshine so there is no real need to pack an umbrella.

Perfect for winter sun

The best weather in the Caribbean coincides with the worst weather at home. This makes it a great choice for those seeking a refuge away from the wind, snow and closed curtains of winter. From December to April, the climate is dry and temperatures usually average around 25-30°C meaning it is warm but not oppressively so which allows for more action-oriented activities such as trips to plantations or island hopping. This also tends to be the busiest time of year though so it might cost a little more to book during these months.

When to go shopping or sight-seeing

Not cold, not even close, but not boiling hot either: this is the ideal balance for those who plan to do more than sunbathe on their Caribbean holidays. May and June are good times to visit for this experience when the temperatures register less on the thermometer. But there may be the occasional burst of rain when, in general, it is a lot more pleasant and less sweaty to be sitting in the back of a 4x4 or attempting to scale a large peak. With so much to see and do in the Caribbean these months could well be your best option.

The cheapest time to travel

As with anywhere else in the world, the cheapest time to travel to the Caribbean is the low season. For this destination, those months tend to be from May through to August which coincides well with traditional summer holidays taken by Europeans. As mentioned elsewhere, any difference in weather and excitement will barely be noticeable with constant sunshine and only a few extra rain showers to think about. For those of us who are used to lower temperatures during our summer days then you will find the Caribbean to be a pure paradise of warmth and happiness when you visit during these times. And there is the added benefit of slightly shorter queues and prices that are a little kinder to your purse or wallet.

Christmas in the Caribbean

If you would prefer sunbeams rather than snowflakes falling on your head on December 25th then a Christmas holiday in the Caribbean offers something special to couples and families. The festive season is celebrated across the region. You will find that there is a great mix of traditional celebration and modern luxury. Nothing beats the sheer pleasure of visiting a white sandy beach instead of huddling around a fire. Festivals, fairs and feasts abound wherever you decide to book your holiday. Go dancing in the streets of Puerto Rico, enjoy the fairytale lights of the Grace Bay strip in the Turks and Caicos islands, drink the traditional ‘jengibre' made from ginger root and cinnamon in the Dominican Republic. The trees may not be made of fir but wherever you go Chrstmas will be magical in the Caribbean with decorations, carols, presents and smiles. And don't forget to send your beach photos to friends on the big day to make them envious. Discover other hot destinations during December.

Looking for a festival?

Some travellers may want to coincide their stay in the Caribbean with a particular festival. The good news is there are hundreds of these to choose from. In fact, the chances are whenever you book your holiday there will be something going on that week in the local area. It is hard to pick out the best festival but we can heartily recommend a few.

Cayman’s Pirate Week

with a rich history of buccaneering activity in the area, this is a week in November when you and the family can walk the plank in a series of street parties, parades and firework displays. If your kids are a fan of Jack Sparrow this is one festival you should not miss.

Book your dream holiday now

Whenever and wherever you choose to go in the Caribbean, you are guaranteed a wonderful time. Club Med has resorts in key locations around the islands that can add even more to your holiday and provide you with a luxurious base to explore the region and enjoy the beaches. Take a look at the options available and choose to spend your next break soaking up the amazing ambience, weather and culture of this wonderful part of the world.

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