Best time to travel during the year

There’s never a bad time to go on holiday, but picking the right destination at the right time can make the difference between sunglasses and sweaters. We check out the best places to find 12 months of sunshine.


Destinations: Mexico & Thailand
Weather: 8 hours sunshine per day; 28-30°C average

Christmas is over, the New Year’s resolutions are already broken and the UK weather is about as cold and miserable as it gets – so what better time to head to the beach? First on your dream destination list should be Mexico, which is right in the middle of dry season in January, giving you an average temperature of 28°C. Thailand is also hot and dry – as well as being stunningly beautiful – providing the ideal antidote to the January blues.


Destinations: The Maldives & Caribbean Islands
Weather: 8-10 hours sunshine per day; 28-30°C average

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day making a great excuse to heat things up on a beach break. And there aren’t many places more romantic than The Maldives. The gorgeous cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean sits close to the equator so enjoys average temperatures of 30°C. The Caribbean is also ideal in February as you avoid hurricane season. Head to the Dominican Republic and Martinique for the unique Caribbean experience.


Destinations: Morocco & Cuba
Weather: 12 hours sunshine per day; 26-30°C average

Spring usually means just enough sunshine in the UK to make you start craving summer, which can be found in North African destinations such as Morocco. With the Sahara Desert to the south, Morocco sees plenty of sun in March, giving you a holiday full of hot temperatures and fascinating culture. Meanwhile, March is the driest and sunniest month of the year for Cuba, whose golden beaches are a Caribbean paradise.


Destinations: Greece & The USA
Weather: 9-12 hours sunshine per day; 22-28°C average

In April, temperatures around the Mediterranean begin climbing to match the world’s warmest resorts, with Greece starting to tempt the early season holiday maker. In high season Greece can be too hot for some people, so April brings more comfortable weather and less crowds. April is also a good time to start thinking about the USA – with destinations such as Florida getting around nine hours of sunshine in the peak of the dry season.


Destinations: Turkey & Sri Lanka
Weather: 8-10 hours sunshine per day; 26-30°C average

Summer is officially here and there’s no better time to get away. Take advantage of the May half term and get some of the best weather at the same time – with Turkey and Sri Lanka vying for the title of the most tempting places for early summer sun. With Turkey you get a large dose of history and culture to go with your eight hours of sun a day, while the quieter east coast of Sri Lanka offers the best local beaches, hidden temples and an average temperature of 29°C.


Destinations: Canary Islands & Indonesia
Weather: 7-9 hours sunshine per day; 25-30°C average

The Northern hemisphere starts to compete with the Southern in June, with the Canary Islands offering some of the warmest temperatures in Europe. Visiting in June means you’re travelling off peak, so popular destinations such as Tenerife and Fuerteventura will be just as sunny but without the crowds. Meanwhile, the hottest part of the year in Indonesia may have passed, but it still enjoys balmy temperatures of 28°C with June being one of its driest months.


Destinations: France & Italy
Weather: 12-15 hours sunshine per day; 28-30°C average

As the barbecues come out the garage and the kids come out of school, the UK gets warm while everywhere else gets hot. In high season, Europe provides a wealth of destinations for sun seekers, and the south of France is one of the best places to top up the tan while enjoying its fantastic scenery and delicious cuisine. Head further west and you can relax in the splendour of Italy, soaking up its unique atmosphere and high temperatures.


Destinations: Portugal & Brazil
Weather: 8-12 hours sunshine per day; 26-30°C average

Long, lazy days at home are fine, but longer, lazier days abroad are better. August is a perfect time to visit The Algarve in Portugal, whose hot summer climate is made comfortable by the refreshing sea air that comes in from The Atlantic. If you want summer sun with some adventure thrown in, Brazil offers long tempting beaches with fantastic nightlife and memorable scenery – the weather can be changeable throughout the country, but Rio de Janeiro is a safe bet in August. Either way you’ll get a good dose of sunshine.


Destinations: Spain & Turkey
Weather: 7-10 hours sunshine per day; 28-34°C average

As the peak season passes, the prices drop and the crowds disappear – but the sun keeps shining. September is a great time to visit European destinations such as Spain which remains a safe bet for hot, dry days. But if you want the highest temperatures around, head to Turkey, where the southern region averages 34°C along the Turquoise Coast.


Destinations: Morocco & Mauritius
Weather: 10-12 hours sunshine per day; 25-28°C average

Autumn arrives in the UK, but summer is still in full swing in Morocco, which has an average temperature of 28oC in October and over 10 hours of sunshine per day. That’s 10 hours more than the average autumn day back in Britain. If you fancy going further afield for your sun, head to Mauritius, whose tropical climate guarantees plenty of sun in October.


Destinations: Mexico & Caribbean Islands
Weather: 10-12 hours sunshine per day; 28-30°C average

Winter arrives at home, which is the perfect excuse to top up your tan on a sunny beach. November is the ideal time to visit the Caribbean, with the hurricane season coming to an end and the temperatures rising every day. Rainfall is still likely, but the downpours are usually short and sweet this time of year, and the kind of sunshine found in resorts on the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe Martinique and Turks & Caicos is well worth the occasional shower. However, if you want the hottest beach in November, head to Mexico, with the rainy season coming to an end amid temperatures pushing 30°C.


Destinations: The Maldives & Mauritius
Weather: 10-12 hours sunshine per day; 28-30°C average

The best way to do your Christmas shopping is online, preferably lying on a beach while everyone else at home struggles through the crowds with an umbrella. It’s the middle of summer in the southern hemisphere, so head to The Maldives or Mauritius, which are a great bet for winter sun, where you can listen to the sea rather than repeats of Do They Know It’s Christmas.

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