Katie's trip to Club Med Seychelles

Club Med was delighted to collaborate with Katie Robson and extend an invitation for her and her family to experience the breathtaking Club Med Seychelles. Recognizing her influence as a prominent lifestyle and travel content creator, Katie was the ideal choice to serve as our ambassador, effectively capturing and sharing the captivating beauty and allure of Club Med Seychelles as a perfect family-friendly resort. Her exceptional talent for showcasing unique destinations and immersive experiences allowed her audience to journey vicariously through her lens, offering a tantalizing taste of this tropical paradise for families. Katie's visit not only showcased our resort but also solidified her standing as a trusted source for immersive travel content, particularly for families seeking unforgettable getaways.

About Katie

Instagram - @KatieFrankieRobson

Katie Robson is a digital creator known for her captivating lifestyle content. As a mother of three, she seamlessly weaves her family life into her digital presence, offering a glimpse into the world of a modern mum. Her content revolves around the concept of "Foreverstyle," emphasizing timeless fashion and lifestyle choices. Katie's passion for travel is evident in her posts, which often showcase her spirit and wanderlust. She brings a unique blend of regional influences to her work, adding a rich layer of cultural diversity to her content. In summary, Katie Robson's digital presence is a delightful fusion of family, fashion, travel, and cultural diversity, making her a relatable and engaging figure in the online world.

Check out what Katie has to say

In this section, we'll have the opportunity to delve into a Q&A session with Katie Robson. She'll be sharing her firsthand insights and experiences regarding Club Med Seychelles. This Q&A session promises to offer valuable and candid perspectives on what makes this tropical paradise such a compelling destination. From her favorite aspects of the resort to the local cuisine, family-friendly amenities, and more, Katie will provide a window into her memorable journey at Club Med Seychelles, giving readers a chance to connect with her travel adventures on a deeper level.

Would you recommend Club Med Seychelles as a destination for families?

Without a doubt, this resort has EVERYTHING and more that a family could ever want or need. The facilities, activities, dining experiences the location and the peace of mind there always a friendly GO and on-site doctor or nurse really does make a must visit for families.

Where they visited


Enjoy the ultimate in sun, sea and soul enhancing relaxation. Your very own island in the Indian Ocean is lapped by turquoise waters teeming with fascinating creatures, scuba diving at another level and an interior landscape crafted to astonish with its beauty. Your holiday will be a story of hiking forests and mountains, strolling through ambient plantations and indulging in fresh, fascinating culinary experiences. Our all-inclusive resort spoils every castaway with its infinity pools, personal butlers and private dining. No other Seychelles resort offers kids clubs and a family programme that covers an extensive range of activities. See their joy at learning to cook or gardening lessons with a Robinson Crusoe theme.