How to get the most out of singles skiing

Skiing holidays might have a reputation for catering to big groups of friends or tight-knit families, but have you ever considered going alone? A solo ski holiday is a chance to do the thing you want to do when you want to do the, Just you, freedom and an entire mountain of fun to be explored.

Whether you are a first timer looking to try something new or an accomplished off-piste thrill seeker, there are numerous reasons why a single ski holiday could be the trip for you. Here is how to get the most out of your solo ski adventure whatever your skill level, age or reason for going on holiday.

Enjoy the freedom

People go on solo ski holidays for many reasons, both young and old. Maybe they are the only member of the family who enjoys the sport. It could be they are simply happier travelling alone or they could see it as an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Some are just sneaking in a second holiday when others can’t make it because they love skiing so much. If you are going on a ski holiday because you want to become a better skier, travelling alone is a great idea.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it can be hard to get opportunities to test yourself when you are with a big group of skiers with varying abilities. There can often be a lot of compromise, and you can sometimes find yourself skiing on more intermediate slopes just to please your friends, instead of trying harder or easier slopes which are more suited to your ability.

The good thing about going on a solo trip is that the only person you have to keep happy is yourself. This added freedom of being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want means you can manage your time on the slopes at your own speed. You will not have to worry about your more relaxed friends not wanting to get out of bed until midday, or younger family members getting tired and wanting to end the day early. You also don’t have to be concerned that you might find yourself in the middle of a week-long party scene with people who just want to get drunk. Many solo skiers head on holiday with sport firmly on their mind and you will find many who are happy to have fun but are also fully focused on the next run.

Tips for solo skiers

Organising a group holiday requires a lot of planning. From ski passes to equipment hire, there is usually a huge itinerary to be followed so that everyone has an enjoyable time. Straying from this itinerary on a group trip can put the whole holiday in jeopardy, but when you are going solo, it is all part of the fun.

Enjoy the fact that you can decide to go on a last-minute heli-skiing trip, or randomly stay out all night when you were actually planning an early evening, or even go to a completely different ski area just because you overheard someone talking about it at breakfast.

The best part of any holiday usually comes from an unpredictable decision, and there is no better time to find this out than when you’re on your own on the slopes.

Don’t be shy

Remember many other solo skiers will be in the same boat as you. Introduce yourself, swap tips and, even if you are not destined to become lifelong friends, at least you will have skiing in common to talk about. Everyone needs to boast to someone about that black run you conquered earlier in the day. Maybe even ask someone to take a photo for you on the breathtaking slopes, that is an easy way to start a conversation.

Make the most of the apres ski scene

A unique aspect of a ski holiday is the alpine tradition of apres ski, aka; the post-ski food, drinks and party scene. Apres ski is all about people with the shared interest of skiing having fun together, regardless of whether you are with a group or on your own.

The inclusive nature of apres ski makes it easy to get to know new people – you just have to go in with an open mind and a friendly attitude. You are guaranteed to meet folks from all walks of life, and the chances are that many of the people you meet will also be skiing alone. It is easy to find the classes where other skiers will be at your level meaning you can learn and grow together.

Get to know other single skiers

Not everyone goes on a single ski holiday because they want to improve their ski ability. It can be tough to convince your family or friends to come with you if they are not into skiing, or maybe you just prefer traveling solo. But don’t think that booking a ski holiday alone means that you have to be by yourself the whole time whatever age you are.

Skiing alone has never been so popular, meaning there are plenty of people looking for company and a fellow sportsperson. But how do you meet these people? Prior to your trip, online forums such as Snowheads are specifically focused on single skiing and are a great place to start discussing your trip. Here you can get travel tips, skiing advice, and you might even find someone going to the same resort that needs a roommate. Similarly, when you arrive at your destination, ask around and find events the resort might put on specifically for single skiers. You will soon realise that skiing solo is one of the best things you can ever do.

Best for single travellers

Club Med is not just about family ski holidays but caters equally well for the solo skier looking for sport and fun in the mountains. We can offer those travelling alone all the luxury of our all-inclusive offer and the right type of accomodation. Out of all of our European resorts we would recommend Arcs Extrême in the French Alps. This adult only all-inclusive resort offers group ski or snowboarding lessons and the best in apres ski. It means both beginners and the experienced will find what they need and also have plenty to do in the evening if they so wish.

Club Med are the leaders when it comes to solo skiing holidays with resort teams on hand to organise solo events and introduce you to other single skiers. They also organise group ski and snowboard lessons, so if you don’t want to learn alone, you won’t have to. You will meet people from all around the world and from all walks of life. Take a look at Club Med’s range of all-inclusive ski resorts for your solo adventure.

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