Skiing is growing in popularity with the number of people visiting our Club Med ski resorts increasing by 12% last year! Regular skiers will know why. The locations, the food, the views, the adrenaline… 97% of people who hit the slopes in 2017 said they planned to go again this year, but it seems that the lure of skiing is widening. First-time visitors to the slopes at Club Med made up 47% of our customers last winter. But what’s the number 1 reason for people not having tried skiing? They think it’s not for them.

James Connor from the Ski Club of GB said: “Some 60% of non-skiers said that they would not consider skiing because it was too expensive, dangerous or ‘not for me’. Changing the perception of skiing amongst non-skiers is extremely important, partnerships such as Club Med and Chel-Ski really make a difference, offering an easy way to get into the sport and over the first hurdle. Having an easily accessible, safe and inclusive way to get into skiing is seen as the clincher to convert non-skiers into ski-lovers!”

From staying fit on the slopes, to the delicious (and all-inclusive!) cuisine, to serene swimming pools and relaxation - at Club Med we believe there’s something for everyone to enjoy on a trip to the mountains.

We took 11 bloggers who were either new to skiing or had last been a long time ago to Chel-Ski, a unique practice slope in West London to put them to the test and ask #IsSkiForMe?

After a mocktail and canapés the bloggers donned their ski boots and headed for their first lesson on the slopes with the Chel-Ski instructors. What Corinne Did and Mirka Moore were some of the more experienced of the group and were quick to pick up the technique required to ski on a giant treadmill!

After the lessons ended it was up to the alpine themed bar to sample some après-ski including teriyaki and honey glazed sausages, cheese boards, deliciously gooey tartiflette and a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows to end the evening.

Miss Katy English, who had last been skiing 10 years ago and had forgotten how much of a workout it is, decided that the après-ski was definitely her favourite part.

Skiing provides a fantastic workout on holiday, burning up to 400 calories an hour but it’s important to prepare your body in advance. Check out these tips for exercising the right muscles before your trip to the mountains.

A Club Med all-inclusive ski holiday includes your flights, luxury accommodation at an authentic mountain resort (including some like Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon where you can ski-in and ski-out of the boot room), lift pass for the duration, free skiing lessons, childcare and of course, all-day gourmet dining.

Are you asking yourself #IsSkiForMe? There’s only one way to find out…

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