Holidays for Babies & Toddlers

aged 4 to 23 months

Welcome, babies!

we've taken care of everything

Travelling with small toddlers is a delightful experience when the family is welcomed in the right conditions. Baby Club Med® features age-appropriate activities, meals especially designed for babies, changing rooms, baby bottles, childcare accessories m…

Baby Club Med: activities suitable for 4 to 23 month-olds

in a calm and comfortable environment.

During the day, our G.O®s welcome the smallest of guests at “Baby Club Med®”, a space created exclusively for children aged 4 to 23 months of age. Outdoor walks, nursery rhymes, motor skill techniques, music appreciation…The activities are adapted to the age of each child, but also to the seasons and the surroundings of the resort. And when it’s time to eat, your baby can eat with the G.Os® and other Baby Club Med® kids, or share this time with you.

The Baby Club Med® service is available at an extra charge to your all-inclusive package in a selection of resorts.

The Baby Welcome®

the concept that makes your holiday more Zen

Available in resorts featuring a Baby Club Med®, the Baby Welcome® service lets you enjoy both less baggage and peace of mind. Baby beds, a bathtub, bottle warmers, trolleys…All the childcare equipment you need is waiting for you right in your room. Pleasant and modern changing rooms are also available 24 x 7 in the resort communal spaces.

The Baby Welcome® is included in your all-inclusive package. To benefit, simply ask for it when making your reservation.

For meals, you get to choose

because each of their days are never quite the same

We've come up with three different solutions to make the lives of those parents with the smallest babies that much easier. You and your baby get to decide which option best suits your moods and tastes of the day:

- The Baby-Corner: this restaurant area features an assorted buffet and a choice of small savoury and sweet jars with a blender, bottle warmer, and microwave.

- The Baby Restaurant: a restaurant created just for kids, where the little ones can enjoy delicious and balanced meals prepared for them, with you or as part of Baby Club Med.

- The “Biberonneries”: here you’ll find all you need to prepare your baby’s dishes, 24 x 7: a steriliser, bottle warmer, microwave, mineral water, small jars…

At night, the Pyjamas Club® takes care of your baby

during this time, you're free to do what you like

In resorts featuring a Baby Club Med®, G.Os® specialising in early childhood are available to babysit between 7 and 11 p.m. as part of the “Pyjamas Club®”. Nursery rhymes, stories, games for falling asleep…The littlest ones are lullabied to sleep in a cocoon of gentleness while you enjoy your evening without an ounce of worry. You can also reserve a personalised babysitting service.

9am: after a family breakfast, babies arrive for their day in the cosy world of Baby Club Med*, "delivered" into the personal care of a specialist GO who takes the time to reassure baby when Mum and Dad leave.

9.30am: a gentle start to the day with stimulating and fun games specially devised to develop babies' senses (touch, sound, sight, etc) and movements, followed by a walk in the fresh air.

10.30am: back at Baby Club Med*, it's time for a mid-morning nap.

11.00am: time for lunch, a specially devised and well-balanced meal to satisfy babies' nutritional needs

Midday: nap and resting time, pampering and cuddles time.

2pm: open air games, to get them running and crawling, exploring balance.

4pm: the GOs ensure that this high spot of the day - tea time - is enjoyed by all.

4.30pm: stimulating games to round off the day.

5.30pm: back with parents for bath and cuddles.

From 6 to 7.30pm: the Baby Restaurant welcomes parents and babies for a family dinner.

Resorts with Baby Club Med

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