When is the best time to cruise the Mediterranean?In our humble opinion, there’s never a bad time to visit the Mediterranean. However, there is a prime time to embark on a Mediterranean cruise. And there’s an array of variables that differ, from fares and crowds to the all-important weather.

As many months hold the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable Mediterranean holiday, it can be difficult to choose a time of year. Lucky for potential holidaymakers, we’ve done our research to outline what each time of year has to offer. So whether the cooler climates and smaller crowds of May or scorching heat of July sounds appealing, read on to find out when you should take a Mediterranean cruise. And discover the Club Med Mediterranean cruises available.

March in the Mediterranean

Is March a good time to cruise the Mediterranean?

As we head into March and April, the signs of summer and warmer climates begin to creep in across the Mediterranean. Temperatures are much more pleasant throughout the day and night (no jacket needed) and the weather in the south of the Mediterranean is especially delightful. So in short, yes, March is a good time to cruise the Mediterranean.

As we mentioned, the southern islands in particular are the safest option for travellers seeking the classic sun-scattered Mediterranean days. Sardinia, Corsica, Malta, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia offer beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine, and an array of unmissable excursions perfect to partake in during March and April.

Perfect for those who don’t have endless beach days at the top of their ‘to-do’ list, these months are cooler than summer but provide the ideal environment for hikes and exploration. However if scorching temperatures are a must, we recommend holding out for a Mediterranean cruise in the summer months.

Club Med Mediterranean cruises in March and April

Canary Island & Moroccan Coasts: This cruise starts in Las Palmas and ends in Malaga over nine nights. Passing through Tenerife, Casablanca, Tangier and Puerto Banus, discover The Fire Mountains of Arrecife and Caves of Hercules in Cape Spartel.

Along the Iberian Coast: Sailing from Malaga to Nice and stopping at Almeria, Alicante, Ibiza and St Tropez along the way, amidst other stunning locations, this cruise is packed with wine-tasting and opportunities. Plus, many breathtaking photo opportunities too.

June in the Mediterranean

Is June a good time to cruise the Mediterranean?

Come May and June, springtime is in full swing. Veering towards the scorching summer months, May and June offer the best balance of sun-scattered days and the reprieve of a welcome cool breeze. Flowers are blooming, landscapes are blossoming, and the verdant views are abundant.

As the school holidays haven’t yet started in these months, May and June offer lower fares for Mediterranean cruises and are a great alternative for those unbothered about visiting the Mediterranean in its peak heat. Without the inevitable crowds of the summer break, tourist attractions and restaurants are less busy, and travellers can gain a well-rounded feel of local life.

Club Med Mediterranean cruises in May and June

Treasures of the Eastern Mediterranean: Sailing between Nice and Lavrio and stopping at Ponza, Hydra, Istanbul, Kusadasi and Santorini, this 21 day cruise of the Mediterranean is brimming with adventure. Embark on a Mamma Mia highlights excursion in Skopelos, discovering the turquoise waters and green hills of the quaint island. And get lost in the mesmerising sights of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, the largest palace in the world.

Mini cruise Portofino and St-Tropez: Starting and ending in Nice, this four day Mediterranean cruise is the perfect short break. Fall in love with the fishing village of Portofino and try your hand at watersports. Plus, spend the day in the small village of St Tropez, a celebrity favourite for good reason thanks to its charming decor.

August in the Mediterranean

Is August a good time to cruise the Mediterranean?

It’s no surprise that July and August are the most popular times of the year to visit the Mediterranean. With school holidays in tow and the sunny delights of the Mediterranean weather, these months are peak time for Mediterranean cruises.

With peak time in mind, July and August can be on the more expensive side of things, as well as extremely hot. Restaurants, hotels, and beaches will be the busiest of the year, but an entirely blissful Mediterranean experience will be had. Opportunities are limitless thanks to the guaranteed weather, so holidaymakers can revel in sunset cruises, watersports, beach days, adventures in nature and al fresco dining, day after day.

Club Med Mediterranean cruises in July and August

Albania and the Greek Islands: Sailing from Brindisi to Lavrio, this seven night cruise stops in unmissable spots peppered across the Mediterranean. Explore the wild landscapes of Kefalonia - the largest Ionian island. Discover the small seaside town and colourful port of Gytheon, and bask in delicious seafood. And devour the charm and sights of the Greek capital, Athens, taking in the history of the much-loved city.

From Puglia to the Amalfi Coast: Beginning in Corfu and ending in Palermo, spend seven days in unrivalled bliss. Stopping in the stunning city of Gallipoli, take in contemporary architecture alongside captivating ancient palaces. And witness the beauty of Positano in person, admiring its colourful cliffside houses.

October the Mediterranean

Is October a good time to cruise the Mediterranean?

Cruising the Mediterranean between September and October is prime time - just before the weather turns and chances of rain are high. Enjoy comfortably warm temperatures which are ideal for days of exploring and venturing into the verdant countryside. And lap up the bright sun for a dopamine fix that comes without the crowds. October half term may bring more tourists with it, but September and October are generally much quieter times to visit and cruise the Mediterranean.

Early autumn on the Mediterranean Sea makes the perfect escape for those who didn’t venture on a summer holiday, or those craving some sun during the cooler UK months. As October is wine harvest season, this sees the ideal time for wine tasting amongst other activities. See and learn about the harvesting process and spend the afternoon of grape picking and wine tasting, of course.

Club Med Mediterranean cruises in September and October

Occitania and Iberian Coast: Beginning in Marseille and ending in Malaga, this Mediterranean cruise sets sail for seven nights. Stop off in Sète, known as the “Venice of Languedoc” for its impressive network of canals, which is famous for its oysters and old world charm. Equally as memorable, explore the port and beach of Alicante, and see the works of Picasso in Malaga.

Mini cruise Elba and Calvi: Beginning and ending in Nice, this short but sweet three night cruise packs beautiful sights and unmissable locations into one impressive itinerary. Discover the markets and stunning promenade of Nice, as well as the up-beat old quarter. Experience the charm of Elba first hand and understand why Italy and France vied for possession of the island. Plus, try a variety of watersports at Calvi.

December in the Mediterranean

Is December a good time to cruise the Mediterranean?

From late November to February, the Mediterranean is much cooler and travellers can expect to experience rainy showers. Although these aren’t the best months to embark on a Mediterranean cruise, there’s still ample opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break as low fares and great deals are available to snap up.

For holidaymakers travelling in the cooler months, we recommend packing warmer clothes and heading towards the Canary Islands. A little warmer and more pleasant, guests will have a better chance of revelling in that coveted summer feeling.

Club Med Mediterranean cruises in October and November

Transatlantic Autumn: A 14 night cruise from Malaga to Fort-de-France, our Transatlantic Autumn cruise sails through a myriad of beautiful Mediterranean destinations during late October and early November - just before temperatures drop. Stopping in breathtaking Tangier and heading over to the glorious sun-scattered shores of Barbados, expect nothing less than excitement aboard this Club Med cruise. Whilst sailing on the open sea, take part in yoga, spa sessions, and watersport activities to fill your day with unforgettable memories.