Little ones deserve big holidays

and you, the utmost in serenity

With Petit Club Med® during the day and finishing with the Pyjamas Club® childcare service at night, without forgetting a lunch break adapted to their nutritional needs at the Baby Restaurant, we do all we can to ensure the little ones enjoy their stay as much as their parents do. This is the perfect time to sit back and relax as you watch your child blossom.

For more information on the activities and services (included and at an extra charge) offered by each Village, as well as their availability dates, refer directly to the page of the Village you are interested in.

Petit Club Med®: a version of Club Med for 2-3 year olds

where they can discover the world and learn more about others

We’ve created a club tailored for our smaller guests so they can have as much fun as their parents. Petit Club Med® offers children, aged 2 to 3 years old, age-appropriate activities featuring sports, crafts, expression, and games. Supervised by our dedicated G.Os®, they will have the chance to discover sporting activities, masquerade games, and even take part in a show…
The children will be surrounded by fun, learn confidence, and open their minds to others in an environment designed exclusively for them.

Petit Club Med® is available for an additional charge to your all-inclusive package in a number of Villages.

Familiar with the Baby Gym?

a muscular baby = games and motor skills

An escapade around the mini-trampoline, an adventure on the play mat and its contrasting textures... Nothing beats a fun and colorful motor function technique for learning coordination and balance, finding one’s bearings, understanding how to handle obstacles, and becoming conscious of one’s body. This is the principle behind the Baby Gym, an activity designed especially for toddlers’ developing motor skills. Included in your package, it is also offered as part of the Petit Club Med® activities.