After the big bangs of bonfire night, November can seem like a cold, quiet month at home. While we wait for the festive season to begin, our spirits are slowly ground down by the windy, darker days. In short, it is a great time to book a holiday and get away from the gloom. If you are hoping to find somewhere hot, beautiful and interesting during your November break then we have picked out seven locations where the weather won't let you down and your days can be as lazy or as busy as you desire.

Pure island bliss

You certainly won’t be complaining about the cold when you visit the Turks & Caicos islands in November with a more than pleasant 29ºC average high. This is a prime beach holiday for those who want to spread out their blanket on some of the world’s finest sands or explore a magical world of colourful coral and fish under the pristine waters. If you fancy a day out in the Caribbean sunshine then inland you will find lush mangroves, blue lagoons, romantic coves and cooling caves. The Club Med resort is an adult-only escape where long days in a serene infinity pool await, followed by lively nights in Sharkies bar. We will provide the cocktails wherever you want them served.

Make the most of the Algarve

If the thought of a long haul flight doesn’t appeal for your November break then you can still find plenty of sun in Portugal and Club Med’s resort in Albufeira can be enjoyed at the beginning of the month. Temperatures of 18ºC as a minimum means it is still T-shirt weather and the sun continues to shine making the beach a very viable option. Even on the slightly chillier days you can enjoy your break by booking a round of golf at one of the Algarve’s world-famous courses. Check out the local restaurants for fresh seafood and regional cooking or enjoy the authenticity of a hidden Algarve full of traditions and ancestral stories. A jeep adventure is also recommended to explore the wonderful nature of Portugal with maybe a few stops at a distillery to sample the famous medronho. Sunshine, culture and sheer relaxation: have you got something better to do in November?

Glorious Seychelles

Club Med has recently introduced Seychelles as an option for the November holiday maker. And what an option it is. Our base on the island of Sainte-Anne Marine is in the middle of a National Park where snorkelers can discover one of the world’s most beautiful displays of sea life.

There is a sumptuous spread of islands to be discovered on day trips by boat or forests full of sparkling waterfalls, lush vegetation, and exotic animals. If you simply do not want to move, then the white sands are your home for a week or two with a 30°C temperature keeping the chills away. It may be a 10-hour flight time, but you will be transported to another world of palm trees, exotic scenery and a laid-back vibe so different from your busy existence at home.

La vie belle

Another early November option is France. We can’t guarantee really hot temperatures but what does come guaranteed is that unique gallic culture mixed with beautiful countryside and coast.

La Palmyre Atlantique can get your month off to a glorious start as you spend time on the edges of La Coubre forest and a short bike ride to some of the country’s most charming villages. Sailing, tennis and golf are all perfectly viable at this time of the year with temperatures in the teens. You can also look forward to mealtimes whether it is local seafood or traditional French repast featuring world class ingredients and flavours. If you really want to warm up then take a trip to the luxurious Club Med Spa by PAYOT next to the beach.

State of mind

Florida is called The Sunshine State for a very good reason. Indeed, in the summer months it may be too hot and bright for those looking to enjoy the famous attractions such as Disneyland or explore the exotic streets of Miami. In November it is virtually perfect with an average high of 27ºC being more suited to the typical European. Whether you are a golfer, swimmer, rollercoaster thrill seeker or alligator hunter, there is something to do for all the family in this amazing part of the world. Situated between Miami and Orlando, Club Med Sandpiper Bay is an ideal location to see and do everything with a base that includes sports, relaxation and luxury experiences that will make it hard to leave. A nine-hour direct flight makes this one of the less arduous journeys for those in search of some winter heat.

Thai splendour

Spend November in the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles. Thailand will certainly put a smile on your face with its endless sunshine and 31ºC heat in November. Away from the alluring beaches you will discover a culture of wonders with smells, sights and sounds that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Your idea of heaven is fully catered for whether that is exploring temples in the jungle, tasting authentic Thai cooking, enjoying a show of traditional dancing, or simply hanging out in the resort watching the kids learn trapeze. Club Med Phuket is hard to beat for a winter getaway. You will be travelling for a little under 12 hours to reach this idyll but the air miles are well worth it for an experience that will keep you going until next summer.

King Creole

There are few better places to be than the French Caribbean in November. A temperature in the low thirties sets the scene for your fever dream of white beaches, palm trees and a laidback lifestyle of cocktails and creole cooking. Nowhere is this lifestyle better experienced than in Guadeloupe where the sea is a deep emerald green and the sunset somehow more stunning than anywhere else.

This is a genuine November battery recharger where you can enjoy massages on the beach, family fun in the splash park or adult only time at the Oasis Zen. Club Med La Caravelle concentrates the Caribbean experience into one place meaning you can enjoy a break that makes early winter a distant memory.

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