Our favourite destinations!

For some, January is a month of renewal with resolutions about new diets, exercise routines and hobbies. For others, January is a time to get away from it all and avoid the post-Christmas blues. A quest to find warmth and sunshine somewhere in the world while the folks back at home deal with snow, rain and that ‘back to work’ feeling. We have picked out seven hotspots where you can enjoy a joyous January of great weather and exciting things to do when taking a break from the beach.

Seychelles sun

Our first destination is the Indian Ocean and the marvellous archipelago of the Seychelles. Temperature-wise it makes a great deal of sense – an average high of 27ºC and notable lack of rain means you could just spend a week stretched out on one of the white sandy beaches, listening to the sound of turquoise waters lapping against the shore. At the newly opened eco-resort Club Med Seychelles you can truly live the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. The only hotel on the island of Saint Anne, it is a gorgeous getaway from it all. But there are plenty of other things to do in this part of the world. Sporty types will love snorkelling, kayaking and even the unique combination of hiking and yoga in the jungle. Island hopping is another memorable way to spend your day, waving at the turtles as you pass them by. Whatever you choose to do you will be doing it in a true paradise under a welcoming sun.

Short haul splendour

If the thought of 10+ hours on a plane is putting you off then why not choose Marrakech, a mere four hours away but promising an average of around 20ºC at the start of the year? That temperature means you can fully enjoy the remarkable sights, sounds and smells of Morocco while sunning yourself at the local Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie resort. Your choices are many. Head to the mountains for an adventure, throw yourself into the souk to barter and haggle your way through a market teeming with humanity. Spend the morning at the spa or catch a round of golf at one of the excellent local courses. This is a great option for those who want an amazing cultural experience to go with their sun tanning so head for the hidden palm grove and prepare for luxury.

Culture and nature

The Dominican Republic will warm your cockles in January and provide perfect beaches. But inland it is one of the most interesting and diverse places to spend your break. January is whale watching month and you can catch thousands of humpbacks at play from the safety of your boat for a day trip you will never forget. Urban adventurers will love Santa Domingo with its colonial past and a cable car to the mountains that offers amazing views of the island. In January, founding father of the country Juan Pablo Duarte is celebrated making the city even more festive. Take the best Instagram picture of your life with a trip to Montaña Redonda where a swing at the summit makes you feel you are heading into infinity.

Pacific heights

A flight time of 15 hours is a long stretch but the journey is well worth it when you arrive in Japan to visit Club Med Kabira Ishigaki, a true taste of Pacific island living in January where the average high is around 20ºC. This is a holiday for water sports lovers and those who love diving with exotic creatures such as manta rays. It is a truly rejuvenating place to be, brushing away winter cobwebs with fresh air, fresh food and an enchanting local culture. When you are not getting wet, investigate Japanese cuisine at its finest. You can also book lessons to learn the ancient Sanshin instrument and bring a talent back home that few possess. Above all, just relax, feel the health and wellbeing flood back in your body and enjoy your time in paradise.

January carnival

Picture Brazil and you think of blue skies, sunshine and a happy vibe. That is exactly what you will get on a January trip to this vibrant country. At Club Med Rio das Pedras you day begins with tropical drinks at a beach bar before you find your spot in the sun. The rainforest demands to be explored near the resort with a true back to nature feel. And if you tire of the natural beauty, take a day trip to Rio de Janeiro where you can experience the famous beaches such as Copacabana, stunning views from Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue. The 30ºC will make every day a pleasure.

Pure shores

We return to the Caribbean for our final January heat suggestion. The Turks & Caicos islands are an average of 28ºC average high offering a balmy backdrop to your beach holiday in this glorious sun destination. Everything you pictured in your mind for your holiday is here in abundance whether it is the pristine beaches or glorious blue sea you can stare at for hours. In and around the Club Med resort there is plenty to do whether you are a snorkeler or cocktail sipper. Take a sailing trip to a deserted island, go dolphin spotting along the shore, listen to reggae music or let all your cares disappear as you spend hours lying back in the infinity pool. What better way to start another year?

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