Find what you can do in the Seychelles

The Seychelles offers a lot more than sunbathing on brilliant beaches. Throughout its archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, there are activities and excursions that can make any holiday magical. Many of the Seychelles islands are uninhabited, with tourists mainly heading for the biggest and most well-known three: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. However, the other 112 islands should not be ignored.

Club Med explores what these Seychelles Islands have to offer and some of the things you can do during your adventure in paradise.


For those who embrace the local cuisine of their holiday destination, the Seychelles offers a delicious variety of dishes to enjoy. The influences of history can be tasted in your travels through the Creole cuisine. There is a slice of French in there but also flavours that come from trade with Chinese and Indian merchants who brought their spices and ideas to the islands.

Being an archipelago, it goes without saying that fish is prominent on the menus of Seychellonian restaurants, cafes and shacks. Freshly caught, it can be eaten all-day in dishes such as Pwason griye or just grilled or salted, infused with herbs and spices, then served over rice. Simple but satisfying.

As an island overflowing with fruit it is not surprising to see many dishes that contain the local produce. Everything from mangoes to grapefruit grow abundantly and anything containing bananas is definitely recommended: try them when they are fried. There are over 20 local banana varieties, some of which are a long way from your typical supermarket bunch. The breadfruit is also not to be missed. Smelling like a newly baked loaf, it can be enjoyed in many forms but the chips are a particular staple of a beach day snack.

Curry lovers will find a home here as it truly is a national obsession. They like them hot in the Seychelles but this is often offset by the use of coconut to create a creamy cooking sauce. Pretty much everything can be found in a curry, from octopus to jackfruit. The more typical chicken and lamb dishes can also be enjoyed.

With its European influences you can find plenty of restaurants serving something more familiar, particularly useful for children with less daring tastes than yourselves. But to ignore the local food is to ignore taste sensations you will never forget.


For the hiker there are endless opportunities in the Seychelles to follow trails that lead to magnificent wonders. It really is the best way to appreciate the beauty of this destination. Most of the islands have a solid granite base with glorious beaches on the outside and mountainous, forest regions across the interior. That means you can choose different types of experiences while on your holiday.

The main island of Mahé offers the attractions of the capital city Victoria as well as the Morne Seychellois National Park. Stay lower down to enjoy the lush vegetation or gird your loins and head up the two hour trail to the top of Mount Copolia. Stunning views of the island and surrounding ocean come guaranteed. For even greater heights, Morne Seychellois reaches 900m up in the air but the trail is only advisable for the experienced and can involve cutting through undergrowth to get there.

Praslin is an obvious destination for the hiker with Vallee de Mai offering a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of lush jungle that keeps you shaded from the boiling sun. This island is the home of the famous coco de mer tree producing seeds of stupendous size. You can follow a trail to see the trees and elusive black parrots who inhabit them. And if you do encounter one of the seeds please don't take them home as they are a valuable resource of the island.

If you are looking for a walk by the ocean then La Digue island presents plenty of options. The three fantastic beaches on the Eastern coast can all be visited with one long hike. There are tricky parts of the trail to navigate, but the experience is well worth it as each beach unveils its own unique charm. The hard part of moving on to the next one.


One of the best ways to get to know a culture is when people are celebrating. There are a number of festivals in the Seychelles throughout the year where you can experience a riot of colour, music, good food and happy faces.

June 29th is Independence Day when the islands took back control of their destiny in 1976. It is hard to avoid the party as streets, beaches and resorts are the centre of singing, dancing and national pride. Look out for fireworks, culinary events and other special moments wherever you are based.

Find out more about the Creole culture, and in particular its music and cooking, in the last week of October. Across the main islands of Mahé, Praslin or La Digue a celebration takes place where you can indulge in authentic food, party with the locals and also take a closer look at the arts and crafts of the island. It is an ideal time to learn a new dance move or pick up some souvenirs.

If you are headed to the Seychelles in February for some winter sun then the Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria is the place to be on the main island of Mahé. Lasting three days, it is a multicultural celebration of all the influences that have made the Seychelles what it is today. This is carnival time so expect street parades, big costumes as well as events taking place that put the joys of diversity front and centre.

If sailing is your thing then the Beau Vallon Regatta in August and September will excite you with its yacht races, swimming contests and water sports. All this is surrounded by fun and festivities and you might even want to take part in a few of the contests yourself.

Take a day trip

An excursion on holiday is a time when magical memories are made, your camera goes crazy snapping new sights and the mind expands from learning about other cultures. The Seychelles has plenty of day trips to keep you and the family busy.

Join Club Med for a tour that takes in the aromas of Mahé where you can meet local villagers and buy their crafts. A trip to the Takamaka Rum Distillery will likely lead to a refreshing tasting experience, readying you for the smell of exotic spices at the Jardin du Roi. With a quick swim before returning to base, it is a day everyone will enjoy.

Explore the mini-metropolis of Victoria, although in reality it is a small charming town and one of the smallest capital cities in the world. There are cathedrals and temples to enjoy as well as the famous clock tower that puts a little piece of London into the heart of the Indian Ocean. The local market is a place of tempting odours and flavours. The Natural History Museum gives you a greater insight into the island and its natives, and it is a past well worth exploring.

It is hard to resist a visit to see the turtles. Hop on a speedboat to Curieuse Island and meet these giant, gentle creatures in an environment that is safe and fun for all. The rest of the island is well worth a tour as well.

Pick up a giant nut on Praslin with its amazing trees and rare wild birds. It truly is a step back in time as you walk amongst nature that hasn't changed since the days of the dinosaurs. There are a few shopping opportunities as well and do not forget to take a picture of yourself with the coco de mer giant seeds.


If you are a snorkeler in search of the beautiful and exotic then the Seychelles is definitely a bucket list destination. Warm weather and calm waters are just the start of a near perfect experience.

Every island has its own ideal diving spot and the chance to get close to creatures such as the graceful turtles or manta rays. For example, the low lying coral off Anse Lazio Beach means you are only a few swimming strokes away from some amazing surroundings – that is if you want to leave the beautiful palm-tree strewn paradise. Those looking for a little solitude on their dive might consider Coco Island. You will need to organise transport to get there but it is well worth it for the pure, clean water and sheer feeling of tranquillity.

There are a number of Marine Parks in the Seychelles such as Baie St Anne on Mahé. This drive for preservation means that the fish and coral can be enjoyed in abundance. These parks often rely on tourists to fund their work so expect plenty of organised trips and guides if you need some direction for your swim. Silhouette Island Marine National Park is one of the grandest and offers you the chance to mingle with rays and sharks.

Fancy a round?

For the golfers out there the Seychelles only offers one 18 hole course but it is a spectacular one. The Lemuria Golf Course may well be one of the most beautiful in the world. It is quite a tough challenge and only really recommended to the experienced. But the views of the ocean, coconut trees and ponds mke it well worth the trip. Enjoy the chilled bottled water that comes with your buggy and the fresh fruit available on the 7th hole. The driving practice course also opens at night to families who can enjoy hitting neon golf balls into the dark sky. Discover other amazing golfing holiday destinations

See as much as you can

If your trip to the Seychelles truly is a once in a lifetime experience then it makes sense to see as much of this glorious destination as you can. Island hopping may not be for everyone - particularly if your aim is to park yourself on a beach and read a good book. However, with a little bit of planning you can experience the best of the main islands, with all the sights, scents and experiences that they have to offer.

The transport between the islands is good and designed for tourists so it should not be too much trouble to arrange a night or two in the islands of your choice then zoom across the waters to try the next piece of paradise. Although everything is stunning, you will notice distinct differences between each location so it can be well worth the effort. Above all, simply enjoy the Seychelles and do what you want to do during your time there.

Simply chill

If all the above suggestions seem to be a little too active then do not fret. If you want to simply spend a week or on the beach doing nothing apart from drinking the occasional cocktail, then the Seychelles is happy to meet you.

When it comes to relaxing, the islands have you covered. The problem comes with choosing which resort and which beach to choose. There are so many that offer a sun kissed paradise with waving palm trees, white sands and water so clear and blue. We would recommend Club Med and our own private island of Saint Anne. We have the entire island to ourselves so the beaches are yours to enjoy right next door to the all-inclusive pleasures of your Club Med resort.

However, the overall choice is amazing. Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue, for example, is simply stunning but may get a little busy. Grand Anse Beach on Mahé is ideal for surfers with its rougher waters but may be less family friendly if you are just looking for a simple paddle. Anse Intendance offers a sense of wildness and spectacular views but what if you want to enjoy a little bit of formal dining for lunch? We recommend you do your research and find the beach that fits in with exactly what you want to do with your break. You are unlikely to be disappointed.

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