If you’re staying at Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda in the Dominican Republic then there’s one excursion we can heartily recommend. A once in a lifetime experience to sit on a swing, 1,000 feet above sea level and take in some truly spectacular views. Take a trip to Montaña Redonda rated the number 1 thing to do in Miches by Tripadvisor.

It translates to ‘the rounded mountain’ and it stands proudly alone next to the glorious beaches on the North East of the Dominican Republic. At 1,000 feet, the climb up Montaña Redonda isn’t too arduous for reasonably fit people – a 40 minute ascend on average. However, you’re on holiday, so why not take a jeep ride up there instead? It will give you more time to relax and appreciate the stunning sights around you? We can organise the transport.

Bumpy trip

Due to the increasing popularity of the destination, once rickety roads have been upgraded to make your trip less arduous. But it will still be a fun and shaky ride that the kids will love, although some of the narrow paths might get your heart racing a little. Those with a fear of heights need to be prepared for a few vertiginous moments.

Once up there you'll immediately appreciate the purity of the mountain air, the sound of the birds and the sheer sense of tranquillity that will wash over you. Sunshine reflects on the lagoons below, contrasting with the turquoise majesty of the Caribbean sea. Behind you is another mountain range in Samana that reaches far above the clouds. It’s a 360° vista, so make sure you’ve got plenty of storage on your camera.

Let's swing

Talking of instagrammable moments, the highlight of the trip is surely the opportunity to enjoy a go on the swings at the top of the mountain. We’d recommend a weekday if you want to avoid a wait.
It’s all perfectly safe, but get the right camera angle and it will look like you’re taking a journey into infinity and those on the swing will feel like they’re flying. Expect comments from those back home such as “Where on Earth did you manage to do that?”.
As well as swings there are props including broomsticks to help you get that picture of a lifetime. A local photographer is also likely to be on hand if you want a professional to take care of the magic.
Bring a picnic and enjoy a meal while you revel in your high altitude surroundings. Alternatively, a small restaurant at the summit provides local Dominican dishes at a very reasonable price. For those worn out by the climb, there are hammocks available where you can enjoy a slow, cold beer in a unique location.

Bring comfy shoes, but also bring your sense of awe. Montaña Redonda is a day out you’ll never forget.

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