One of the best moments of any holiday is exploring the local cuisine and indulging in the finest food experiences. And for our Club Med Cefalu guests, in Sicily this is entirely possible.

Whether visitors prefer a spot of luxury in the form of fine-dining on a terrace, or a street-food experience with a quick bite, Sicily offers a myriad of culinary choices. From pizza and pasta to seafood and arancini, and even a pistachio and white chocolate ice cream pie, there’s no limit to the dishes waiting to be devoured.

Read on to discover the best restaurants in Sicily, where to find them, and what to eat.

Best budget restaurants in Sicily

Perfect for young families, large groups, or those who appreciate reasonably priced spots, Sicily is home to an endless stream of budget restaurants. Serving delectable food and bringing exceptional service to the table, bask in an affordable pizza and pasta experience

Hostaria San Pietro, Trapani

Would it be a trip to Italy without visiting a restaurant that feels like an Italian family’s front room? Our answer: we think not. And our solution: Hostaria San Pietro.

Located in beautiful Trapani, expect colourful settings alongside homely light shades. And of course, delightful services from the owners and waiting staff.

As well as serving up a feast for the eyes, this spot also serves exquisitely cooked classic Italian dishes. The succulent and perfectly cooked swordfish gives a whole new meaning to fresh. And the couscous dishes make the ideal lunchtime meal or perfect option for those craving something lighter.

Although the whole menu is noteworthy, the busiate pasta at Hostaria San Pietro is what they’re best known for. Essentially a long type of macaroni in a corkscrew shape, it originates from Trapani itself. The busiate with pistachio and prawns is hard to beat at this spot, but a “wow” moment is guaranteed with any busiate dish here.

Il Carretto, Cefalù

Found close to the Duomo and open daily for lunch and dinner, Il Carretto offers an authentic Italian dining experience. Off the beaten path down a side street in Cefalù, it’s easily missed but most definitely worth the visit.

With a menu peppered with reasonably priced Italian dishes, it’s the ideal restaurant on a day of exploring Cefalù. The fish platter is brimming with delicious seafood like calamari, muscles, shrimp, and octopus. Alternatively, the pasta and risotto dishes are equally as impressive.

Inside, guests can eat amongst homely interiors like canary yellow walls, stone archways, and ceiling beams for a “front room” dining experience. All the while, the quaint outdoor seating paints the perfect rural Italian setting.

La Botte, Cefalù

Another Cefalù budget restaurant worth mentioning is La Botte. Practically within reach of the Duomo, the small menu offers a selection of traditional Sicilian dishes to write home about.

Hidden down a picturesque side street, La Botte knows how to do seafood. From octopus to muscles to shellfish pasta, revel in the flavours of local, freshly caught cuisine whilst taking in the humble decor. Expect dim lighting, creating an intimate setting, alongside homely tablecloths. And outside, take in the charms of Cefalù sitting in a quaint side street. To polish it off perfectly, an evening at La Botte is made with excellent service.

Fine dining in Sicily

When in Sicily, you’re never too far from a fine-dining Italian restaurant. From upscale seafood pasta dishes to exceptional tasting menus, indulge in Sicily’s finest eateries amid some of the most beautiful decor.

Apollonion Osteria da Carlo, Syracuse

For lovers of seafood and the finer things in life, Apollonion Osteria da Carlo in Syracuse on the southeast corner of Sicily is a must-visit.

Unassuming to say this least, this humble eatery is tucked away down a quiet Sicilian side street. The perfect setting for a romantic evening with charming outdoor seating, inside the decor oozes Italian rusticity thanks to stone-decked walls and vintage wine on show. However when it comes to the menu and dishes, Apollonion Osteria da Carlo is anything but subtle.

Known for its array of fish dishes bought fresh from the market that same day, this high-end spot serves everything from succulent red prawns to juicy fillets cooked on a charcoal grill. For a seafood experience like no other, we recommend the restaurant’s fixed menu featuring six seafood dishes and a dessert.

Bastione & Costanza, Cefalù

Only a 15 minute drive from our Club Med Cefalù resort lies Bastione & Costanza. Serving authentic Italian cuisine in a breathtaking setting, it’s a foodie’s paradise.

When in Italy it would be rude not to partake in a pizza or two. Offering a range of doughs, including an exceptional gluten-free dough, guests can choose from a medley of toppings. Our favourite is the parmigiana featuring reams of aubergine and mozzarella. An array of pasta dishes are also up for the taking, from seafood pastas to ravioli. And for vegans, there are plenty of main courses like meatballs and desserts.

Set inside a beautiful stone arched building, Bastione & Costanza is a treat for the eyes too. And with tables atop a waterside terrace, those lucky enough to secure outdoor seats can eat up exquisite sunset views alongside their meals. For those leaning towards terrace dining, we recommend booking in advance.

I Banchi, Ragusa

Elegant beyond compare, with a carefully sourced menu of upscale wines and dishes, I Banchi in Ragusa is the perfect place for an intimate dinner on a romantic escape.

Serving sophisticated bakes and pastries in the morning, expect a breakfast or sweet treat reminiscent of The Grand Budapest Hotel bakery. Come afternoon and evening, revel in an eclectic menu of delicious dishes or a seven course tasting menu for those who want a real taste of luxury. The sea bass tartare and pork pasta are second to none, whilst the wines and craft beer offer the perfect accompaniment.

Decor wise, prepare for rustic whitewashed ceilings and stone-tiled floors. Plus, the welcome scattering of contemporary art and minimal table settings. Our tip is to head to the shop inside I Banchi at the end of your visit, to enjoy a piece of I Banchi at home.

Top street food experiences in Sicily

Alongside beautiful restaurants, Sicily is home to exceptional street food experiences. Serving pizza, pasta, and swoon-worthy desserts, there are plenty of hidden culinary gems to be discovered.

Al Tortellino, Catania

A simple spot that packs a punch with close-to-perfection dishes, Al Tortellino oozes Italian charm. Known for its friendly service and charmingly quaint setting, this bistro should be top of your list for street food experiences in Sicily.

Serving a handful of beautifully cooked, homemade pizza and pasta dishes, guests can take away authentic Italian cuisine in generous portions for an affordable price. A classic but failsafe Italian dish nonetheless, we recommend opting for the lasagne. However, they’re no one-trick restaurant and excel in desserts too. For those lucky enough to try it, the pistachio and white chocolate ice-cream pie is as mesmerising as it sounds and will steal a place in any heart.

La Gallizza, Cefalù

A stone’s throw from our Club Med Cefalù resort, La Gallizza is the perfect lunch stop when exploring the local town. Serving hearty, homemade Southern-Italian food, this is fast food like you’ve never experienced before. And all at an extremely reasonable price, making it the perfect lunchtime spot for families and larger groups.

If there’s one thing you order from La Gallizza, let it be the mouthwatering arancini which visitors return for time after time. Known as some of the best in Italy, La Gallizza’s arancini is cooked fresh and packed with flavour. Choose from a myriad of options like ragu, mushroom, or artichoke and mozzarella. And polish things off with a delicious dessert like the pear and chocolate cake which is second to none.

As well as offering delight after delight, the service at La Gallizza serves up an even more memorable experience thanks to friendly, accommodating staff.

Ke Palle, Capo

If one arancini-laden spot wasn’t enough, we have another recommendation in the form of Ke Palle at Mercado del Capo (Capo market.) Specialising in a myriad of deep-fried treats, this is a must for those craving a quick bite in the Capo area.

Choose from an eclectic menu of flavours, including pistachio and squid ink salmon which is as delightful as it sounds. And even opt for a dessert arancini, with a nutella stuffed rice ball to take your love of Italian food to the next level. Along with arancini, crispy, deep-fried courgettes and chickpea fritters are also on the cards and ready to take away.