If you’re spending time in the Seychelles, a visit to Praslin Island should be on your schedule because this is the island of your dreams. From unbelievable beaches to a prehistoric forest and even the only golf course in the region, it’s a day out you’ll never forget.

Although one of the larger of the Seychelles Island, all you can see is within one hour’s drive and the bus service goes everywhere. For a more grounded experience, we’d recommend hiring a bike to take in the sights and enjoy the open air magic. There’s a chilled ambience to the island that needs to be experienced in the flesh.

Step back in time

Probably the best reason for visiting Praslin Island is Vallée de Mai – This renowned UNESCO World Heritage site is an amazing prehistoric forest that is said by some to be the original Garden of Eden. Vegetation towers over you, ripe fruit hangs from trees and the caws of wild birds surround your senses.

There are a number of trails that lead you through the vegetation and on a good day you might even catch sight of the very rare black parrot. Whatever path you take, prepare to be breathless. Pay an entrance fee and a little more for a guide who will give you extra insight into this truly astonishing nature reserve.

Go to seed

Originally known as Île de Palme, the island is famous for the Coca de Mer palm. These sky scraping trees in Vallée de Mai occasionally drop the largest seeds in the world.

If you find one then you’re lucky. These beautiful and sensual objects are rare and valuable and said to be the original ‘Forbidden fruit’ eaten by Eve. Said to have magical properties, you’ll still be able to take one home if you don't get lucky with a visit to the Vallée de Mai gift shop. The proceeds of sales go to local conservation and they’re certainly more striking than the average souvenir.

Ocean wonderland

If you’re a snorkelling fan then Praslin’s waters are well worth your time. Drag yourself away from the stunning beaches and enter an underworld that’s teeming with life including rays, turtles and sharks. The coral is worth the price of admission alone and famous black boulders of the Seychelles offer a playground for fish and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else. Afterwards head back to a beach that rarely gets busy so you can enjoy your time in paradise alone.

Other things to do on Praslin

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, a coffee or something stronger, Grande Anse is your best bet. It’s probably the most touristy part of the island but that does mean there are plenty of cafes and great places to try out the local creole cuisine with a glass of rum. You’ll also find a casino here if you still have any money left after buying pearls and giant seeds.

Looking for a game of golf in the Seychelles? Praslin is the only place to go and boasts an 18 hole championship course with view of stunning beaches and rolling sea. You’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful round in the world

If you want to find out more about the island’s history then Côte d’Or houses the small but perfectly formed Praslin Museum. Here, you’ll discover fascinating information about the local culture and natural habitat. You can join in with local musicians or try some Seychellois cooking. There’s also a resident fruit bat that lives on site and likes to be fed.

Magical island

If you’re in the Seychelles then Praslin has so much to offer and it’s easy to get to by ferry or fun boat ride. A tropical paradise, a prehistoric adventure or simply an unforgettable day on the beach under a constantly shining sun: brilliant memories are made here.

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