The Concept of That's L'Esprit Libre

Introducing Club Med's captivating new campaign: "L'Esprit Libre" This innovative campaign celebrates the essence of freedom and self-expression, inviting travellers to embrace their unique spirit of adventure and discovery. "L'Esprit Libre" encapsulates the idea that every individual's journey is a canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant experiences and moments of personal growth. This concept aligns perfectly with our renowned all-inclusive philosophy, which has been a cornerstone of Club Med's offerings. With the all-inclusive concept, we redefine luxury by providing a comprehensive holiday experience that encompasses accommodations, gourmet dining, a variety of activities, entertainment, and more, all seamlessly woven together to allow guests the freedom to fully immerse themselves in the joys of the journey. This concept ensures that travellers can focus on exploring, creating memories, and embracing the spirit of the destination, knowing that every detail of their stay is thoughtfully taken care of.

Club Med is introducing a fresh brand campaign that accentuates: That's L'Esprit Libre.

That's L'Esprit Libre captures those instances when we truly sense we're on a holiday, liberating ourselves from the concerns and mental weight of daily life to wholeheartedly immerse in the present instant.

§ When you get up, only to lie down elsewhere.

§ When the only laundry you hang, is your swimsuit over a chair’s armrest.

§ When you’re so laid-back, you can’t remember when you last wore shoes.

§ When you’re so completely carefree, the only thing on your mind is a sun hat.

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Behind the scenes

The making of the campaign

The making of "That’s L'Esprit Libre"

This campaign was created by 180 Agency, based in Amsterdam, collaborating with the director Jules Renault and the photographer Ronan Gallagher.

Together, they pay a heartfelt tribute to Club Med's origins, which emerged as a necessity in post-war Europe, and pursue a refreshing creative shift.

Finally, That’s L'Esprit Libre campaign represents a gift of well-deserved peace of mind and a chance to embrace a new way of living, full of freshness, freedom, and elegance.

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