Tennis holidays: from beginner to seasoned pro

Burn calories, get a tan, make new friends and learn or improve your skill — what’s not to like about taking a tennis holiday? Here’s our guide to what to expect whether you’re a beginner or regular player looking to up your skills; there’s a holiday for all.

It’s been around for centuries and is as fun to watch as it is to play — especially on holiday. Tennis is a game everyone can enjoy, no matter your age or level. It’s a sociable and fun as well as a serious workout if you go for it; Bjorn Borg once described a tennis match as “a thousand little sprints” — not surprising given that you can burn between 400-600 calories an hour during a game of singles with all that running, swinging, pivoting and reaching. Regular playing strengthens the whole body and improves anaerobic and aerobic fitness and has been proven to increase self esteem.

Millions play tennis around the globe — it’s one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s not surprising that tennis is a popular holiday pastime. You’re as likely to find a tennis court at a resort as you are a swimming pool, and there is a huge range of options for dedicated tennis holidays around the world.

Tennis holidays

If you’re interested in taking up tennis for the first time, or improving your skills to start succeeding in your local club tournaments, going on a tennis holiday is a great option to really concentrate on the game without distractions.

To really immerse yourself in the game start by playing several times a day and with different partners. Enjoying group coaching sessions, included at select Club Med Resorts or take one on one lessons, this will not only improve your technique, but your health and fitness too. To do all of this in a sunny location, where you can relax during your downtime by the pool or with a yoga class, relaxing massage and fuel yourself on healthy delicious food, is the ideal combination. Also, some resort offer amazing facilities and fully trained teachers as part of their package.

Family fun

Tennis is a great way for the whole family to get together having fun — whether that’s playing serious games, working on drills and skills or playing fun games to get everyone involved.

You can introduce young children to the game yourself, or they can enroll in any kids clubs your resort might offer that will get them started. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition among family members either – if you have older teens, a game of singles with mum or dad is a good opportunity for one-on-one time. You don’t need to be a family of four to have a proper match either – pick a resort with some top-quality courts and the coach on hand will be able to guide you through games to play with three or five. There are also lots of fun things you can do if you go on a tennis holiday with other families and friends – the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has put together a great video with ideas for tennis games and warm-ups to do with large groups, so that’s worth a watch before you travel.

Tennis holidays for singles

Sports holidays are also a great way to meet new people, and they’re ideal for singles. If you are keen on tennis but none of your friends fancy it, jet away on your own for a coaching holiday and spend your time learning something constructive as well as improving your fitness and making new friends. You don’t have to play all day, every day, or be a seasoned pro to enjoy a tennis holiday.

Pick one of Club Med’s Resorts and you can balance time on the court with time on the beach, learn a new watersport or practice some yoga. Because Club Med offers all activities as part of their holiday package, you don’t have to worry about paying for time on the court.

Tennis coaching holidays

If you’re serious about learning, or if you really want to up your game, choosing a tennis coaching holiday offers the perfect opportunity to go pro! Immerse yourself in the game entirely and get super fit at the same time as enjoying fine food and drink, time in the sun and relaxation that might include a massage with a sports physio. There are plenty of resorts offering tennis holidays at locations all over the world, and if you pick your destination wisely you’ll be able to play on top-quality courts with top-quality coaches.

Sometimes tennis coaching holidays are led by professional coaches who trained professional players – for example Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova and Monica Seles are regulars at Club Med’s tennis academy at its Sandpiper Bay Resort in Florida. When they’re not there, the resident coaches Scott Del Maestro and Gabriel Jaramillo have coached some of the best players in the world — and guests can enjoy daily group lessons for all levels and group tournaments on its 14 hard courts and six clay courts. Sandpiper Bay also offers tennis-specific functional fitness, mental and nutritional guidance and video analysis — as well as soothing spa treatments and yoga to stretch out tired muscles. As an Official International Tennis Federation Training Centre for the Americas, Sandpiper also hosts competitive events on-site throughout the year — so you could see some of the pros in action. 

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