A beginner’s guide to windsurfing

Windsurfing in the Caribbean

A beginner’s guide to windsurfing

windsurfing beginner learning at Club Med

Why windsurfing?

beginner lessons for windsurfing

Is it an easy sport for beginners to take up on holiday?

beginner lessons for windsurfing at Club Med

What do you learn in your first windsurfing lesson?

windsurfing equipment rack at Club Med

What's usually the most difficult bit for people to master?

arial shot of people windsurfing

What's the biggest misconception about windsurfing?

windsurfing in Bali

Can children learn windsurfing?

windsurfer in bali on holiday

How suitable a sport is Windsurfing for kids?

Windsurfer enjoying the waves

Do kids use different equipment and learn different skills for Windsurfing to adults?

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