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Nobody will ever forget their holiday in the Seychelles. The destination can claim to be the ultimate in sun, sea and sand as you experience island living, soul enhancing nature and adventures in paradise. Club Med has its very own island in the Seychelles archipelago in a protected marine park that promises aquatic wonders as well as the fun and relaxation of the perfect beach holiday. For those looking for the optimal experience then a stay in our luxury villas is an ideal choice. Find out how your accommodation can enhance this tropical heaven.

Robinson Crusoe Setting

Your luxury villa is set on top of a hill, offering a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean. It is a view you will enjoy from your private terrace as the sun rises and sets – the perfect place for a morning coffee or evening cocktail. All around you is an Eden-like landscape of white sandy beaches edged with rocks, hills covered in lush vegetation and, of course, those turquoise waters that demand to be dived into.

Sainte Anne’s Island is one of the best places to experience the beauty of the Seychelles and it belongs to you. Spend your week in perfect isolation or venture out to explore what wonders await amongst the trees and waves. The island has its own Marine National Park – a snorkeler's dream come true where shoals of vibrant fish shimmer around you as you explore technicolour coral reefs and make friends with the rare hawksbill sea turtles, manta rays and whale sharks.

Your own private driver

When you have your own island to explore, transport is essential. If you would like to head towards the further reaches of Sainte Anne’s then we can arrange your own driver to take you to the places where you will encounter the best the Seychelles has to offer. That means you can relax and fully enjoy your experience, and maybe even have a cocktail or two before returning to your villa. Luxury means sitting back in the passenger seat and just taking in the views.

Your very own infinity pool

Yes, you are surrounded by a glorious ocean but sometimes you just don't want to leave your perfect villa. Instead, enjoy a dip in your own swimming pool where you can splish and splash to your heart's content with the rest of the family or cool off after a long day in the sun. Why not put something fizzy at the poolside to enjoy between soaks?

All mod cons

Luxury is also about eating and drinking when you want and what you want. You will find your villa equipped with everything you need to make your own meals if that is what you feel like doing. You will also have the ingredients you need for the perfect morning coffee or quick, exotic snack. Why not pick up a recipe from one of the locals and try your own hand at Seychellois cuisine?

Flexible eating times are another key aspect of your experience. We can arrange breakfast and lunch when you want it. Every group has different tastes and habits and our experienced team will make sure we fit in with yours.

Your own private butler

Staying at our luxury villas means you will have someone ready to attend to your every need whether that is booking a restaurant, making a bed or bringing you a chilled glass of champagne for one of those perfect comfortable chair moments. Our butlers are not just attentive but know when to afford you some privacy. You will not be aware of them until you need them and they intuitively appear to deal with your requests.

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Enjoy the ultimate in sun, sea and soul enhancing relaxation. Your very own island in the Indian Ocean is lapped by turquoise waters teeming with fascinating creatures, scuba diving at another level and an interior landscape crafted to astonish with its beauty. Your holiday will be a story of hiking forests and mountains, strolling through ambient plantations and indulging in fresh, fascinating culinary experiences. Our all-inclusive resort spoils every castaway with its infinity pools, personal butlers and private dining. No other Seychelles resort offers kids clubs and a family programme that covers an extensive range of activities. See their joy at learning to cook or gardening lessons with a Robinson Crusoe theme.