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Sheer perfection. This is the promise of Club Med Finolhu Villas.

Imagine your ideal tropical island with infinite stretches of white, powdery sand and ultra turquoise sea. On the beach itself is your luxurious accommodation where you enjoy a personal haven, private pool and your very own butler to serve the drinks and take care of the little things. Finally, add the endless possibilities that come from having a Club Med resort nearby and available for you to use. Join us now to find out how you can enjoy the sheer perfection of a stay at Finolhu Villas.

An amazing location

The Maldives is an archipelago kingdom with a set of studded jewels ranging across the glorious Indian Ocean. Your paradise can be found on the beautifully preserved island of Gasfinolhu on an expansive 5-hectare lagoon. Although isolated, it is still only a short speedboat ride away from the main airport in the region.

Gasfinolhu (the name comes from island or sand bank in local language Dhivehi) is bursting with authentic character including one of the longest stretches of beach in the Maldives. At the same time, it is intimate and a tour of the perimeter can take as little as 15 minutes around the entire island where spectacular ocean views await with every step.

The resort includes a dedicated welcome lounge, gourmet restaurant and magnificent poolside bar, as well as tennis courts, a fitness room, Club Med Spa by ILA, and a pontoon for leisure and water sports for guests to enjoy.

Beautiful accommodation

There is no inferior choice to be made at Finolhu Villas. Pick between our overwater eco-luxury bungalows with direct access to the sea or eco-luxury beach villas with their own private seafront. Each of our 52 private villas rests on stilts or on the beach and has its own terrace and private pool to enjoy. The interiors were designed by Meriem Hall who has infused the concepts of beauty, nature and elegance in each residence.

Private terrace and pool

At Club Med, we believe that privacy and sense of a home away from home can add magic to any holiday. Your private terrace and pool will allow you to fully relax and be yourself throughout your stay at Finolhu Villas. This will not just be somewhere for a quick dip or tanning session. It will be a front seat for a natural theatre of wonder. Take in the spectacular sunsets every night and step out next morning to see the blue carpet roll across the horizon as exotic creatures play in front of you. We are certain your private terrace will quickly become one of your favourite locations in the world.

Eco friendly elegance

Relax knowing you are reducing the damage you do to the planet during your holiday. The architecture of our luxury villas is thoughtfully eco-conscious containing 6,000 square metres of solar photovoltaic panels. That’s enough to power most of the island with natural sunlight.

Your own private butler

Why sweat the small stuff when you are on holiday in paradise? Your own private butler will be on hand to handle the things you need throughout your stay. From changing bed sheets to handing you a glass of perfectly chilled champagne, let them take care of the details. If you are worried about your butler interfering with your sense of privacy then rest assured each is intuitive and discrete. They will always be there when you need them. At other times, they will melt into the background as you enjoy your holiday.

Breakfast in heaven

Have you ever experienced a floating breakfast? Forget sitting down to a bowl of cereal on a cold, damp morning. Your personal butler will bring a meal full of fresh, energising food to your swimming pool. Dive in and eat from the floating tray provided as the sun fills the sky and the fresh smell of the morning ocean raises the soul. This is what a luxury holiday is all about. Our floating tray is composed of fresh juices, local fresh products but also warm French viennoiseries.

Connected while disconnected

You are most probably choosing a holiday in order to switch off for a week or so. At the same time we ensure you are always in touch with the modern world through premium wi-fi and reliable electricity. That means you can video chat with friends and family to make them truly jealous. Favourite games can still be played on devices and you can also check our menus and plan activities in comfort. Maybe you will even be inspired to start writing that novel on your ipad?

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The Finolhu Villas

Redefine your idea of paradise at the award-winning Finolhu Villas. Sat on our beautifully preserved, private island of Gasfinolhu, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, our ecologically-conscious villas are perfect for all inclusive honeymoons, romantic getaways and luxury family holidays in the Maldives.