Top 5 ski runs in Paradiski

A practical guide to get the most out of your time in Paradiski® in the French Alps

As well as its picture-postcard views, Paradiski® is one of the largest ski area in Europe, with 425km of thrilling slopes making it an unmissable skiing destination. It comprises Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry and, together, they cover all skill levels from beginners and families, groups with mixed abilities to serious Olympic-champion-worthy skiers.

Here, we’ve decoded the Paradiski® piste map to help you get a head-start on your trip. So, whether you’re an avid skier or someone looking for a gentler cruise with a backdrop of stunning scenery, we’ll show you how to get the most out of the Paradiski® ski runs.

Remember, though, when looking at any piste map, keep in mind that one country’s red run may be another’s black. Plus, any slight change in weather can switch the most leisurely of ski runs into a seriously challenging trail with mixed terrain. So checking in with the Paradiski® snow reports every day is also recommended.

1. La Forêt, La Plagne

One for beginners

Hailed as the ‘beginners’ dream’ due to its wide cruise-like blue run, this is a great way to enjoy a leisurely ski and warm-up for the day with family and friends. You’ll start at the Grizzly chair lift and enjoy a long but tranquil run down to Vallandry where you’ll be met with the village, perfect for a mid-morning refuel. An easier run doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on epic views either, as there’s stunning scenery throughout.

Club Med resorts in the area: La Plagne 2100

2. The crowd-free red run

One size fits all

We know this recommendation mentions three ski-runs, but hear us out… The trio of trails cater for all abilities, making it the perfect area if your group covers different skill levels because you’ll all head back to the Derby ski lift.

If you’re a beginner or looking for a gentler ride, consider Renard – its wide sweeping line makes it a great blue run. If you’re more advanced, step up to the Belette: the red run pairs a very steep start with a flat terrain towards the bottom for a bigger challenge.
And for the experts? Try Bosses, the black run of the three. It can be bumpy, fast and even comes with a natural half-pipe so you can show off some of your favourite moves. All three have easy access to some off-piste fun, so set up a meeting point before you head off so you can re-energise together afterwards.

Club Med resort in the area: Peisey-Vallandry

3. Les Sources, La Plagne

One for the progressive skier

Don’t be deceived by the look of the easy start: Les Sources pairs the cruise-like run of a blue with a trickier interval, making it a classified red run overall. The 4km stretch is great for those wanting to build their confidence, improve their technique and enjoy a challenge, but it’s still pacey enough for more advanced skiers.

Club Med resorts in the area: La Plagne 2100

4. Lanches, Crêtes and Dou de l'Homme, Les Arcs

One for daredevils

Find this trio of Paradiski® ski runs beneath the Varet gondola in the Les Arcs domain. With their diverse ungroomed trail, mixing steep slopes, bumpy runs and unprepared snow, they are designed for the seriously skilled skier. These areas are less well-explored so the top layer of snow can mean the run turns into a long mogul slope – make sure you’re prepared.

Club Med resorts in the area: Arcs Extrême, Les Arcs Panorama

5. Aiguille Rouge, Les Arcs

One for Olympic champions

Not one for novices, the Aiguille Rouge is a whopping 7km and comes with equally amazing views due to its great height – its peak reaches 3,226m! This very popular Paradiski® ski run can get very busy, so aim to fit it in early. It swaps to a red run at one point, but is still challenging enough for an expert and requires a lot of energy, so skiing it early in the day also means you’ll be able to keep up with its pacey nature. It’s known to close fairly quickly in tougher weather conditions, so check the Paradiski® snow reports to avoid getting caught out.

Club Med resorts in the area: Arcs Extrême, Les Arcs Panorama

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