Everyone should enjoy a chalet holiday at least once in their life. The feeling of independence, authenticity and freedom is unbeatable as you become a true local inhabitant of your chosen ski domain. Warm fires, spaces to stretch out and almost instant access to the snow: chalets really do offer a different type of holiday and a real alternative to hotel accommodation. We’ve outlined the things you need to know before you decide that this year you are going to try something different.

Chalets are very, very comfortable

Picture yourself after a long day of skiing, relaxing into a comfortable chair or a welcoming settee as a fire roars in front of you and you look forward to a traditional Savoyard meal prepared by an expert. Our spacious 2 to 4 bedroom chalet-apartments offer a vast living space, including a cosy lounge, perfect for families, couples or friends. Yet they still give you access to our facilities at the main resort. You can also expect all mod cons such as wi-fi, music players and even a jacuzzi in some of our chalets. And you can expect the views to be wonderful: our chalets are positioned to offer you the best locations that take advantage of whatever beautiful natural sights are available at any given destination. Sit back and relax between downhill adventures.

You can feel like royalty

Ever wanted your own butler to make your holiday feel extra special? All our chalet dwellers have a Chalet Master to look after their needs and make sure everything is comfortable. Your host will be available all day for whatever you need and to answer all your questions. There is no need to worry about poking around to try and start a fire every evening as we will do it for you. Your beds will also be as comfortable as they can be so you get a great sleep every night. And you can choose your level of butler as well with special packages available for extra services.

Eating is easy

Our chalets give you options of eating in or eating out and it is possible to spend your entire holiday having meals in your accommodation if that is what you really want. We offer the luxury of having breakfast prepared for you by our Chalet Masters and then lunch can be ordered as part of room service just as you would in a hotel room. Cook for yourself if that’s what you like but you can also choose the option of the fabulous Savoyard dinner featuring all the cheeses and meats you expect from an Alpine experience. Raclette and fondue just make sense in the mountains.

Chalets are family friendly

You could be creating some fabulous childhood memories by booking a chalet for your family. The atmosphere is magical, there are loads of places to explore, and space to run around or get together and share stories every day. There is also breathing room for parents who just want some downtime. We ensure our chalets are child-friendly and safe for everyone. In short, it is a big adventure for kids who will want to return to the mountains year after year to rediscover their new favourite place.

You are ready to ski

Being in a chalet does not mean you are isolated from the outside world. Our chalets are centrally located at resorts and many have the advantage of being ski-in ski-out which means you can get ready at your base and instantly swoosh out onto the snow ready for a day of fun and sport. You will be close to restaurants and we can provide transport if you fancy going somewhere a little further along the road.

It can feel different every time

Every chalet is different even when they might look identical from the outside. Choose small and intimate if you are on a romantic break or one that can accommodate 50 or more skiers for the fun, big group ski-ing holiday many enjoy. You will find libraries, different types of furnishings, facilities such as jacuzzies and different shaped living spaces in each. Select what is right for your party.

It doesn’t have to cost more

Chalets are not just for the rich and famous. With so many options available you can choose the chalet that is right for your budget and you can often find it works out as the same or even less than a traditional hotel room. We also have Gold and Silver options which allow you to select what level of service you would like from your Chalet Master - both offer superior levels of luxury. Compare the prices when you are doing your holiday research and see for yourself.

You can go in summer

Many ski resorts also offer brilliant experiences in the warmer months when the landscape changes, the sports turn to hiking and climbing and the little villages look their best. A ski chalet then becomes terrific summer accommodation where you really feel like you are living in the middle of the glorious landscape and can open the front door every day to warm sunshine and an amazing view.

Start your chalet experience in France

Our luxury French chalets will give the best possible introduction to the chalet experience. Club Med Valmorel Chalet-Apartments are ideal for winter getaways with a cozy, intimate setting for unforgettable family all-inclusive ski holidays in the Grand Domaine ski area. Relax around your private fireplace and enjoy the view from your wooden balcony. Have breakfast delivered to your private kitchen, head across to the main resort for lunch or enjoy our mountain specialty dinner with the family served at your private dining table.

The Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon Chalet-Apartments allow you to relax in the heart of one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in contemporary all-inclusive ski-in ski-out chalet-apartments with their own private fireplace and services. All-inclusive means priority booking at our restaurants and spa, breakfast room service and private space in the ski room. You will also enjoy access to our private lounge where you can treat yourself to champagne by the glass every day from 6pm.

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