Why Easter skiing is the perfect break

The reasons why going on an Easter ski break is always a good idea.

Choosing the right time to go on a ski holiday can be difficult. Christmas and New Year always feels right, as you can have a picturesque ski in a winter wonderland, but the idea of uprooting your friends or family at a notoriously busy time of the year can often prove too difficult. Then there’s February half-term, with snow almost guaranteed at most resorts. But as it’s half term, it’s as peak as it gets, and the slopes and ski-lifts are often crowded.

Though it’s seldom considered, Easter could actually be the perfect time to go on a ski holiday, and here’s why:

Skiing in sunshine

Skiing isn’t usually associated with warmer weather and blue skies, however by choosing to have an Easter ski trip you can cut out the freezing weather and have a surprisingly warm skiing experience!

This is especially worthwhile if you’re a beginner. When you’re learning to ski, there’s a lot of standing around listening to instructions, slowly moving into positions etc. This can be pretty tough in the winter, but during Easter it’s far more bearable.

The added warmth also gives you more time to just appreciate what’s around you. The beautiful mountainous snow-topped landscapes provide a beautiful backdrop for when you’re eating alfresco and getting involved in the lively apres ski outdoor activites.

Longer days

There’s a certain feeling that comes when you’re skiing in winter and you notice that it’s starting to get dark. You begin to realise that your day on the slopes is coming to an end too soon. The benefit of Easter skiing is that it stays lighter for longer, meaning the ski-lifts stay open later too. Longer days equals more time to ski!

Prices are more affordable

Not only will an Easter ski break be warmer than a winter one, but it will almost definitely be more affordable, especially if you go in the second week of the Easter holidays, as there is less pressure on flights and accommodation.

A ski holiday away from the peak times of Christmas, New Year and February half term can save you hundreds of pounds, and not just on the flights and accommodation. You can also find great deals on lift passes and equipment rental too. The money saved can go towards some end of season deals in the ski shop… or maybe just some more après-ski.

There’s still snow

A factor that often puts people off skiing at Easter is the myth that all the snow will have melted. But that’s not the case at all, you just have to know where to look…

The key to getting the best snow is to aim high: the higher the resort, the colder it is, meaning there’s less chance that the snow is going to melt. It also helps to be somewhere with north facing slopes or a glacier. Tignes and Val d'Isère are both ideal for this, with the latter being open all summer thanks to the glacier which rises to 3,600 metres.

It also helps that most ski areas are now equipped with state-of-the-art snow cannons, eliminating the worry of a snow-free ski holiday.

Some resorts are actually better at Easter

Resorts with glacier ski areas or north facing slopes are always going to be popular, but by picking Easter you can appreciate these ski domains with less crowds.

But where are the best places to go? As previously mentioned, Les Deux Alpes takes some beating. The stunning resort has an altitude of 3,600m, meaning you’re always guaranteed good snow. It’s also in an utterly beautiful setting, and is fast becoming one of the most exciting ski areas in Europe. Val d’Isère is also a great Easter skiing location, with high slopes making snow almost guaranteed.

Most resorts also make the most of the Easter conditions to offer activities that you wouldn’t see at other times of the year. For example Les Arcs Panorama, (which opened its doors in December 2018) sits in the huge Paradiski area, which features everything from rock climbing to mountain biking, whilst also having great ski conditions which can be reached with their impressive ski-lifts. Perfect for the family!

You can take your time

Visiting a ski area when it’s not completely full of people speeding down the slopes is a completely different experience.

Skiing is all about the pleasure of being able to take your time and do your own thing, whether that be going off-piste at a high speed, or having a leisurely cross-country ski to take in the scenery. When it’s busy you don’t always get this freedom, with crowds of people dictating when and where you spend your time on the slopes.

With Easter being months after the peak ski times, it’s the perfect opportunity to take the mountains without the mad rush.

The most exciting Easter egg hunt ever

Can you think of a more exciting place to have an Easter egg hunt than on a snowy mountain? No, neither can we.

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